Wods 4/23/18-4/2718

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Press 1rm
“””Happy 50th Birthday Bill Winn!””
14 min AMRAP
7 MU
50 WB 20/14
100 DU
Today we see where we are on strict press.  Improving this lift will have a lot of carry over to handstand pushups.  This wod is a lung burner.  I would break up the movements in 2 sets for each movement with short rests.  This will allow a faster overall pace.  On a longer AMRAP like this, your best bet is to start a little slower, and then pick it up.  We will scale the muscle ups to each person individually so everyone gets a great wod.
2 Deadlift EMOTMx8 up to 80%-deadstop
5 min AMRAP
20/15 cal row
12 burpees over the rower/bar
12 Deadlift 185/125
3 min rest
20/15 cal row
15 burpees over the rower/bar
9 Deadlifts 225/155
3 min rest
5 min AMRAP
20/15 cal row
18 burpees over the rower/bar
6 Deadlift 275/185
This wod should feel like mile repeats. During the EMOTM, work up to a litte bit heavier than you plan on doing in the wod.  This will make the wod wt feel lighter.  Pick weights that allow you to go out of your comfort zones on the bike/rower!
Front squat 3×7 75%
Front squats 185/125
C2B pullups
We are going to be focusing on front squats for the next few months.  7 reps at 75 should be challenging but doable.  For the wod, if scaling, we want the first set in no more than 2 sets.  Tbis will keep the intensity high.  Yesterday was aerobic, today is a sprint!
Handstand pushups skills
3 power clean EMOTMx6
“Forest Gump”
800m run
15 Power cleans 115/75
9 strict HSPU
Run 400m
12 power cleans 115/75
7 strict HSPU
200m run
9 Power cleans 115/75
5 strict HSPU
Will spend some time opening up the shoulders for HSPU.  This skill is going to show up a lot more often! The cleans should be light enough to cycle quickly.  The HSPU should be scaled so that strict is achieveable.  Seated DB press is an option as well.
close grip bench 10
10 strict pullups
“Hot Rod”
400m run
30 Wall balls 20/14
18 DB snatch 50/35
This is a similar type of wod as wednesday accept you are not limited strength.  Adjust this wod so you can go unbroken.  The intent here is intensity.  Go get’em!

Wods 4/16/18-4/20/18

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Front squat find 1rm

Big lap
37 Front squats 155/105
37 Knees to elbows
37 Cal row

Happy 37th to Steph Wolters! Be smart here on the run, I’d suggest breaking the squats up in 3 quick sets. Same with the KTE. This is a fast paced wod, but not an all out sprint.


HS hold skills
alt HS hold/hollow rock

4 SDL EMOTMx8 60-80% Deadstop

3 min AMRAP rest 1 minx4
8 cal/Row bike
8 SDHP-KB 70/53

Sumo deadlift carryover more to the squat than conventional. We don’t train this wide stance as often and I’m excited to see what it does to everyones conventional DL. We want the HSPU as close to unbroken as possible. The rest will allow intensity to be maintained by allowing the arms to partially recover.


3 sets
Clgr Bench 10-70%
DB rows 8/8

100 DU
12 DB PP 50/35
12 Vups
12 slam balls 40/30
12 ring dips
Then 100 DU

Bench and rows both hit the horizontal plane that often gets overlooked. The wod is gonna be spicy! Use DB that can be cycled quickly. Do the ring dips strict. It will make you stronger. Goal should be to go unbroken on all movements except the dips if necessary. This ensure the proper cardiovascular stimulus.


Kipping pullup skills

Rowing cindy
20 min AMRAP
5 Pullups
10 Pushups
15 Air squats
20 cal row/bike

Rowing is very much as skill! Today is all about dialing in rowing technique. If you are good at kipping pullups, try butterfly, if not scale and go strict. Set a pace you can keep on the rower. This is most definitely not a sprint!


2 PS+OHS Every 75 sec x 7 sets

Teams of 2

15 min AMRAP
1/1, 2/2, 3/3, 4/4…
snatch 135/95
Burpee box jump overs 24/20

1wks 1 rest

The purpose E75 sec is to dial in hip ext as well as open up the shoulders. You and your partner can alternate as needed. Score is total reps.

Wods 4/9/18-4/13/18

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4 sets
5 sumo Deadlift 70% deadstop
8/8 BSS

“Run and Gun”
800m run
25 Ring pushups
400m run
15 Ring pushups
200m run
5 ring pushups

The goal of today is to strengthen those glutes! These muscles stabilize the hip which then provide knee and low back stability. Sumo DL and bulgarian split squats serve to provide variety to our usual strength movements to prevent imbalances
This wod will get the HR up but give the legs a break after the strength movements. We want you to be either unbroken or scale to get the ring pushups in 2/3 sets for the first 2 rds


4/4 TGU
10 strict pullups

“Hamster wheel”
12 min AMRAP

5/5 DB hang clean and Jerk 50/35
10 burpees over DB
30 DU

TGU and strict pullups will both stabilize and warmup the shouders for today’s wod. Single arm implements allow us to balance out L and R. The focus of the wod is aerobic capacity. We want you to set a pace you can maintain the whole time. That might mean start off a little slower and then speed up if you feel good.


Tabata hollow rocks/superman
TTB skills
pigeon stretch

power clean+2 FS EMOTMx7 up to wod wt

“Jail break”
5 min AMRAP
21 cal bike/Row
21 TTB
21 FS 135/95
Rest 3 min
5 min AMRAP
15 Cal bike/Row
15 TTB
15 FS 155/110
3 min rest
5 min AMRAP
9 cal bike/Row
9 FS 185/125

We will spend time today improving peoples TTB. After that we will practice picking up the bar and transitioning into the squat. The weights should go light, med, then heavy. Scale them so you can get each rd in 1-2 sets.

Dbl under skills
7 snow angles
7 PVC windmills

Max push press

12 KBS 70/53
12 Push press 115/75
12 box jump overs 24/20

We have worked really hard on our upper body strength and today we will see where we are at on push press. We will go over mechanics in the warmup to ensure a vertical bar path. For the wod, scale the weights to be unbroken! It should be light. Wod is a sprint.


400m run
perfect stretch
Banded warmup
lat lunge w/ pause at bottom

Good mornings 3×8  get 10 strict pull ups b/w sets

“Dynamic Duo”
teams of 2
4rds each
25 wallballs 20/14
25m suicide sprint
1 person works 1 rests

Good mornings will strengthen the back and hamstrings but lay off the quads since they have been taxed a lot this week. Alot of folks want pullups so we are going to be putting them in a lot more in between sets of barbell strength movements.
This wod will encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and go unbroken. The suicide is all about changing direction quickly.



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Tempo Front squat 5×3  32×1(3 down, 2 pause and back up) 70%

Rope climb skills

15 min AMRAP
20/15 cal row
12 Front rack lunges 115/75
2 rope climbs

The focus for the front squats is always moving well. The tempo stresses staying engaged on the way down. This is good for all levels and will help everyones form. Now that we have 6 ropes thanks to Randy, its time to put them to use. We will help everyone improve their technique during the warmup. For the scaling, scale the lunges so that they can be done unbroken.


Sumo Deadlift 5 E2Mx10 min 55-75% of DL all deadstop

400m run
15 KB SDL 70/53
15 KBS 70/53
8/5 strict pullups

Sumo Deadlift is a bit easier on the low back and tends to strength the hips a bit more. This doesn’t require as much flexibility as well as its very functional to moving real world objects. For the wod, scale the pullups so that they are challenging but achieveable. Its ok to do them in 2 sets as long as you can atleast get the first round unbroken.


DU skills
10 strict dips straight bar or rings
15 GHD situps

DB snatch 50/35
Dbl under

The dip is the squat of the upper body. We are going to be really honing in on upper body strength as it is key to all of the gymnastic moves as well as for providing shoulder stability. The GHD situps can be scaled via reps or ROM.
Couplets are arguably the most effective style of workout. We are going to work unilateral strength as well as aerobic capacity with the DU. Scale the snatches so you can move the whole time!


TTB skills

Hang power cleans
3 EMOTMx8 min up to 75%

7 hang power cleans 135/95
7 burpees over the bar

The hang cleans are merely here to warmup the front rack and develop skill with cycling for the wod. We want them to be unbroken during the wod. The key to this one is fast transitions. Its not a sprint due to the number of rounds. You should start off a bit slower than you think and pick it up on rd 3 if you feel good.


4 sets
5 push press 70%-hold 2ct
8 strict pullups (use wt if you can)

DB front squat 50/35
DB push press 50/35
Bike cal
50m farmers carry 50/35

We are pausing at the top of the push press to build stability. This is incredibly important for injury prevention.

This wod is most definitely a sprint. Get through the set of 21, and its all down hill. Farmers carries not only build core strength, they have the added benefit of strengthening out the biceps.

WODs 3/26-30

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Congrats on finishing the 2018 open!  We are excited for March to end this week and look forward to seeing you all A LOT more starting in April.  Thank you to everyone from CFC that helped us set up for Mike’s Celebration of Life last Saturday.  We had more people at the gym that afternoon than we have ever had in there at once.  It was just like Mike had wanted!

“Chest Monday”
1RM close grip bench press

15 min AMRAP
Teams of 3
1 person doex max rep bench at approx 50% of 1rm
1 person runs a 200m
1 person does single jumps
switch every time the runner returns

Today we will test our 1rm close grip bench. Close grip is safer for the shoulder as well as has greater carry over to our gymnastics movements. For the wod, the goal is to test muscular endurance. We want a weight on the bar you can move continuously for 15+reps for round 1. The other movements are there to keep the HR up and tax the aerobic system

“Sixteen candles”

Power snatch+snatch EMOTMx8 work up to 75%

Hill Run-Outlier/CFC-Marriott
The remainder of class to hit a max snatch

score is Time and wt lifted

The EMOTM is simply a primer. We want to dial in the movements as well as open up the shoulders for the work we are about to do. We have done a lot of challenging wods over the open and now its time to see how well they carry over to our running. Running is a very objective way to measure our fitness level. For the snatch post run, start with very light or no weight on the bar. You have the rest of class to hit your max. Make sure you sit down between attempts and take smart jumps

“Fast times at Ridgemont High”

Front squat find 3rm

150 wallballs for time 20/14
*every time you stop-8 cal bike

We have been consistently squatting and now its time to see where we are at. Outlier is going to do a Clean and Jerk cycle starting next week. you should be able to clean your 3rm FS provided your technique is on point and your pulling strength is adequate. This will give you a good ball park goal to shoot for when you test your clean and jerk.  The wod is intended to force you out of your comfort zone. The intent here is maximum effort. The greatest adaptation in CF is between the ears. Today is a day that you all are going to get better.”

3 Rounds
10 Strict pullups
5/5 TGU

“The Breakfast club”
5 min AMRAP rest 2 min, 6 min AMRAP rest 2 min 7 min AMRAP
5/5 KB hang cln and Jerks 53/35
10 SDHP 53/35
10 TTB
30 Du

The pullups and TGU are movements that build shoulder stability. The TGU also help train the obliques which are crucial in core stability.
The wod is the exact opposite of yesterday. Here you must pace yourself. The rest will allow you to maintain a faster pace, but you should still focus on holding a pace you can maintain and not go to hard out of the gate. This way, you will actually maintain a much higher average speed and get a better score.

“Pretty in Pink”
5 Deadlift every 1:30×5 work up to 75%
All Deadstop!!!

500m row
12 Deadlift 225/155
12 Ring dips

The focus today is on the setup of the deadlift. A proper setup will ensure posterior chain engagement as well as prevent injury. The weights are not intended to get really heavy. Deadlift is a movement that you don’t necessarily need to go all out on to see improvement. This wod is intended to feel like a mile run. You should hit the first rd at 90%, hang in there on the 2nd, and give it all you have on rd 3. Better to start a little slower and finish strong, then to start off strong and burn out.

Wods 3/19/18-3/23/18

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Hang power clean 15 min to find heavy set of 3
30 Wall balls 20/14
12 Hang power cleans 135/95
Roll quads, low back and shoulder mobility
For the hang cleans, focus on foot position as well as fast elbows.  This will carryover tremendously to the wod.  A heavy set means heavy for today with good form, not necessarily a max.  For the wod, try and get out of your comfort zone.  If you normally break the WB up in 3 sets, try 2.  This is what training is for.  This should be a lung burner.  The programming this week is designed to have time at the end for mobility.  There is one more open wod left and by process of elimination, there are only so many options.
3 sets
8 Bench
8 strict pullups
15 min AMRAP
100m run
10 true pushups
30 DU
8 C2B pullups
low back and shoulder mobility
Next week we will max on bench, so try and add a little from last week.  For the wod, DON’T TEAR YOUR HANDS!!!!  Try and maintain a steady pace.  If you are beat up, this a great one to just go through the motions and get a sweat on.  This is not a sprint.  Focus on form and efficiency during the movements.  It might be faster for some of you to break up the C2B.  NEVER GO TO FAILURE ON GYMNASTICS.  If you do, it will become sets of 1 at best.
Front rack lunge
Thrusters skills
Thrusters 95/65
2x number of cal row or bike
Roll quads and shoulder mobility
Single limb movements are a great way to load the legs without as much stress on the low back.  This wod is meant to be low volume of reps spread out over a10-15 min period of time.  This will allow the HR to stay up, give everyone a great workout, allow you all to practice thrusters, but not jack you all up for Friday.
25 min AMRAP
400m run
7 ball slams 40/30
7 burpees w/ lat jump over parallets
500m row
7 ball slams 40/30
7 burpees w/ lat jump over parallets
.6 bike
7 ball slams 40/30
7 burpees w/ lat jump over parallets
low back and shoulder mobility
There is a lot of running/rowing/biking this week.  It won’t jack your joints up for the final open wod, will keep you loose for Friday, and will help out the aerobic system.  Post wod, we want to really open up the shoulders and lower back as well as the quads.
18.5 TBA

WODs 3/12-16

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C2B pullups skills

Front squat 3×7 70%

3 Rounds
400m run
15 Thrusters 115/75
15 C2B pullups

You know there coming… This week or next week we’ll have Thrusters, C2B pullups, HSPU, and or wallballs. We’ll work on technique for connecting C2B in the warmup. Gymnastics is about economy of motion. Use this time to move well. The front squats are at just enough volume to keep us strong but not wreck the CNS. For the wod, the thruster should be a little on the heavy side. However, you should be able to get them in no more than 2 sets per rd. This wod is meant to mimic a mile run type feeling. Go hard on the run and then transition immediately to the thrusters. Never go to failure on C2B pullups! Always leave one or 2 in the tank.


Close Grip Bench 3×8 add from last week

3 sets
5 min AMRAP
Row/Bike 500m/.6
12 Ball slams 40/30
50m front rack carry 70/53
Max HSPU in remaining time
rest 2 min

Today we will work on connecting KHSPU. If you don’t have these, don’t worry, we can scale it as needed. You will most likely see them this week or next week for the open wod. These movements are a skill. As such they need to be practiced when you are fresh. We are going to add a little bit of weight this week on bench. We are going to keep this up and max out after the open. For the wod, the goal is to get to the HSPU with as much time on the clock as possible. If you don’t have HSPU, we can help you come up with appropriate scales.

2 Deadlift EMOTMx8 up to 80%

5rds-go up in wt each round
10 Deadlift 135/95, 185/125, 225/155, 275/185, 315/205
20 Wall balls 20/14
10 Box Jump overs 24/20

During the EMOTM, make sure you hit all the wts you’ll do in the wod. This preps the CNS so that the weights won’t be such as shock to your system during the wod. For the wod, don’t go all out on the first rd. Ease into it so that you don’t burn out on the heavier wts. Try and get all the WB unbroken. This will help prep you for the open wods as wells as give your system a greater stimulus.

1×10/10 KB TGU + windmill

1 pause snatch+snatch EMOTMx8 up to 80%

15 min ARMAP
20 cal row
12 goblet lunges 53/35
8 Knees to elbows
4 squat snatch 135/95

We have to keep working on staying over the bar. Its common to see people to start their 2nd pull to quickly. The pause is meant to strengthen the weak point as well as drill in proper technique. The wod is one you should pace. This will keep your HR elevated, get you a great wod, but not mess you up for the open workouts.


WODs for the week 3/5-9

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Monday 5 March
4 sets
5 Push Press 70-75%
20 Russian Twists

“Speedy Gonzales”
1 Round every 5 min x 4
400m run
12 PP 95/65
50 DU

Today’s strength is to help strengthen overhead pressing, as well as train the obliques. The obliques are very important in providing midline stabilization.  For the wod, we want each round to be fast. You’ll get a little bit of rest not enough to fully recover. You need to hit the run at 90% effort. We want to see you pickup the bar and maintain good form on the PP when you are tired. The weight is meant to be light and should be done unbroken.

Tuesday 6 March
Front squats find 5rm

“Worse than Karen”
80 WB 20/14
60 cal Row
40 WB 20/14
20 cal Row

This will be our heavy lift of the week. During the open, we have to make sure we still go heavy to keep the CNS sharp. With all of the sets of 7-10 we’ve been doing, I am excited to see everyone’s progress. If you don’t PR, don’t worry, the goal is to do your best for today and get in some quality lifts.  For the metcon, my suggestion is to try something you normally wouldn’t do. Get out of the comfort zone! See what it feels like to go unbroken on the WB, or break the WB and get it on the row! This is where you learn.

Wednesday 7 March
Pause mid thigh power clean + power clean EMOTM x 10
work up to 75-85%

5 Rounds
7 Power clean 65%
12 TTB
1 rope climb
12 plyo jumps over bar

Brilliance at the basics. The better you get, the basics become even more important. This will help a drill the positions as well as develop full hip extension.  For the wod, consider breaking up the TTB if they are a movement you struggle with. You will have a faster pace overall. We will spend some time reviewing rope climbs. Even if you’ve got them, there is always room to improve.

Thursday 8 March
3 Rounds
10 Close Grip Bench
6/6 single arm DB rows

15 min AMRAP
12/8 Cal Bike
15 KBS 70/53
8/5 strict pullups
7 True pushups

We are going to start doing a lot more horizontal pressing and pulling. This will help our overhead lifts, HSPU, improve stability, make our arms look better, and generally make us more awesome. fThe wod is meant to be done at a consistent pace. We want our HR to average 80% the whole time. The key is proper pacing. Go at a speed you could answer a question. Any faster and you will have to slow way down.

Friday 9 March
18.3 Open WOD

WODs for 2/26-3/2

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Monday 26 February
3 Sets of:
Front Squats x 7 @ 75%
Rest exactly 2 minutes between sets.

“You Ain’t Got No Legs Lt. Dan”
Complete the following For Time:
Thrusters 95/65
Pull Ups
*On the top of every minute starting at 1:00, complete 3 Burpees before continuing with the workout.

We start the week with some moderate weight Front Squats for 7 reps. Be diligent about the 2 minute rest between sets. If you aren’t feeling too hot today back off on the intensity. We are in Open Season so the priority is staying healthy and allowing our body time to recover for the weekly Open WODs.

We have a quick and dirty one today for the MetCon. It’s Fran with some Burpees thrown in because everything is better with Burpees. You should be able to keep the intensity high during this WOD like you would in standard Fran, but the Burpees will definitely slow you down a little. The Burpees are designed to throw you off your rhythm so stay focused and try to get back into a groove as quickly as you can after the last Burpee. Expect some Fran Lung!

Tuesday 27 February
4 Sets of:
Dead-stop Deadlift x 5 @ 70-75%
Bulgarian Split Squats x 8/8
Rest as needed between supersets.

“Run Forrest Run!”
3 Rounds For Time of:
400m Run
20 Kettlebell Swings 70/53
30 Sit Ups

For the Strength portion today we are supersetting Dead-stop Deadlifts and Bulgarian Split Squats. This combination will strengthen your posterior chain as well as stabilize your LPHC (lumbar pelvic hip complex). Make sure you warm your hips up thoroughly before you start and I highly suggest dropping into the pigeon stretch for at least 30 seconds on each side after you finish the WOD.

The MetCon is a fairly quick 3 round workout. For those of you who are comfortable with big sets of GHD Sit Ups, challenge yourself and jump on the GHD. If you are not, don’t worry – you’ll still get great core work with 30 Ab Mat Sit Ups. The goal is to find a pace where you can come in from the Run and knock out the Kettlebell Swings and Sit Ups unbroken then go right out for your next Run. This doesn’t mean it has to be really fast, just smooth and consistent. This is a great opportunity to challenge yourself and keep the transition periods short.

Wednesday 28 February
Take 20 minutes to build to today’s 1 Rep Max:
Overhead Squat

“Pineapple Shrimp, Lemon Shrimp, Coconut Shrimp…”
AMRAP in 12 minutes of:
7 Overhead Squats 115/75
30 Double Unders

We start with working up to a 1 Rep Max Overhead Squat. Again, listen to your body. The Open WODs are priority so only push it if you know there won’t be serious consequences. You will have 20 minutes to build so here is a good opportunity to practice your jumps in weight and the rest needed between sets. For rest, a good general rule of thumb is to rest longer between the heaviest attempts and shorter while you’re still warming up.

We have a moderate time domain for today’s AMRAP and moderate weight for the Overhead Squats, which means pacing is key here. It is definitely possible to get into double digit rounds but finding a good starting pace is the key. When in doubt, start off a little slower than you think because you can always push harder later on. Do not start out as fast as you can possibly move because you’ll make it to about 6 minutes and start staring at the barbell.

Thursday 1 March
Bar Muscle Up Skills

“Stupid Is As Stupid Does”
AMRAP in 25 minutes of:
-BUY IN- 2k Row/2.4mi Bike -BUY IN-
5 Rounds of:
200m Run
4 Bar Muscle Ups
5/5 Single-Arm KB Push Press 53/35
12 Ball Slams 40/30
Then in the remaining time…
Max Distance Row/Bike

Back to working on Bar Muscle Up Skills. We will spend a little bit of time reviewing the progression and having everyone practice before the workout. We’ve seen a lot of improvement over the last few weeks, let’s continue to get more efficient!

The MetCon today is a longer one. You start with a 2k Row/2.4mi Bike Buy-In then move onto the 5 rounds. You should have anywhere from 15-18 minutes to knock out these rounds so I’d suggest aiming for at least a 3 minute/round pace. It’s aggressive but doable. When you finish up the last round, jump on the piece of equipment you have not used yet for your Max Distance (if you start with the Row then end with the Bike, and vice versa).

Friday 2 March
Open WOD 18.2

Open WOD 18.2 will be released Thursday! Good luck and have fun!

WODs 2/19/18-2/23/18

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The Open is upon us! For those of you who are looking to place competitively or beat your Open rank from last year, this week is your taper: don’t go full clip on any of the lifts and prioritize good reps and positioning over speed in the workouts. I would also recommend taking extra active and full rest days throughout the week in order to stay fresh for the first workout at the end of the week. Mobility is also the upmost importance. If you have little aches here or there, take time this week to mobilize those areas. If you are not hugely invested in the Open or just want to do it for fun, treat this week as a normal training week.

Monday 19 February
5 Sets of:
Squat Clean x 3 @ Establish a 3RM for the day
Rest as needed between sets.

AMRAP in 12 minutes of:
2/2, 4/4, 6/6, 8/8…
Squat Cleans 175/115
Chest-to-Bar Pull Ups


Today we start with triples on Squat Cleans. This is a good opportunity to work on some barbell cycling before we will inevitably need that skill at some point over the next 5 weeks. Touch-n-go the lighter sets and stay on top of the bar after dropping it for the heavier ones. Having that discipline of staying right over the bar after dropping it will greatly decrease rest between reps.

We have some moderate weight Squat Cleans in our WOD, paired with Chest-to-Bar Pull Ups. 12 minutes isn’t short so be smart about how you approach this one, especially because you are increasing reps by 2 each round. Focus on strong hip movements for your Chest-to-Bar Pull Ups right from the get-go because if your lats get lit up too quickly, you will have a very hard time getting those elbows up when receiving the bar for the Squat Cleans.

Tuesday 20 February
EMOM for 8 minutes of:
Push Press* x 2 @ Build to today’s heaviest set
*Push Press will be taken from the floor.

Complete the following for time:
800m Run
20 Bar-Facing Burpees
20 Push Press 135/95
600m Run
15 Bar-Facing Burpees
15 Push Press 155/105
400m Run
10 Bar-Facing Burpees
10 Push Press 185/125


The strength portion is a simple 8 minute EMOM of 2 Push Presses. No tempo here, just power clean it up and get going. Build up to at least the weight you plan on ending the MetCon at during these 8 minutes.

We end class with a longer chipper consisting of Running, Burpees and Push Press. The runs aren’t short so don’t burn out with that first 800, smooth is what you should be thinking. If you can keep a relatively steady heart rate and pace until that last 400m Run, you will be able to fly through those last 3 movements. The Push Press in this workout will be taken from the ground and the weight does get a little heavy so focus on good technique for your Power Cleans and Push Presses to save as much energy as possible for that last set.

Wednesday 21 February
7 Sets of:
Power Snatch + Overhead Squat + Snatch @ Build to today’s heaviest set
Rest as needed between sets.

Complete the following for time:
50 cal Bike/Row
50 DB Snatch 50/35
50 Alternating DB Thrusters 50/35

The focus of today is the Snatch complex in our strength portion. There are 7 sets and you may rest as needed between sets so we will be spending the majority of our time here.

The MetCon is a simple three movement workout performed for time. Simple, but not necessarily fast. There are a lot of cals and a lot of reps so be smart about how you partition your reps. This is one of those workouts that lures you in with a very fast pace and by the time you get to the Thrusters you are all out of gas.

Thursday 22 February
1 Set of:
Turkish Get Ups x 10 each side
3 Sets of:
V-Ups x 20

In 4 minutes, complete the following movements:
50 Double Unders
15 Kettlebell Swings 70/53
15 Ball Slams 40/30
1 Rope Climb
Max cal Bike/Row
Rest 2 minutes, then repeat for a total of 4 Rounds.

Accessory work for the strength portion today. It’s been awhile since we’ve done Turkish Get Ups so practice with lighter weight before jumping right back into what you’ve done in the past. If you’ve never done this movement before it can be fairly complicated but the benefits far outweigh it’s complexity. If you’re looking to strengthen your core and shoulder stability, you should be doing this movement weekly.

The MetCon today is 4 Rounds of 4 minutes each with 2 minutes between the rounds. The movements aren’t too difficult but the pace is aggressive so you need to be moving pretty quick to get to that Bike or Row. Workouts like this one are great indicators of your transition times; try to get started on that next movement right away even if you don’t get it unbroken. Generally, athletes spend more time transitioning between movements than resting between reps of the same movement.

Friday 23 February

Open 18.1
To Be Announced…

Today we kick off the 2018 Open Season with 18.1! This will be in place of the normal class WOD. I hope you’ve been staying healthy the last couple weeks and giving your body some much needed R&R in preparation for these next 5 weeks, cause apparently we’re going to “demolish the perimeter” and see some new movements. Dave has known to be dramatic at times so hopefully these movements aren’t too foreign, but even if they are that’s what CrossFit is all about: being prepared for the unknown! Have fun this season guys and I wish you the best of luck!