W.O.D. (Workout of the Day)

  • W.O.D. for Wednesday 14 November
    Muscle up skills

    "Partner wod
    Teams of 2
    18 min AMRAP
    60 cal row
    50 TTB
    40 Wall balls 20/14
    30 Deadlift 275/185
    10 Muscle ups
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Wods 11/12/18-11/16/18

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Monday Veteran’s Day Tuesday Back squats 5-4-3-2 85-90-95-100% 12 min AMRAP 4/4 OHL R 53/35 4/4 OHL L 8 KB squats 2×53/35 8/8 KB PP(1×53) 60 DU Last week of the squat cycle! Time to see those gainz. If you haven’t been consistent, back it off. It should be hard, but I want you all… Read more »

Wods 11/5/18-11/9/18

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Monday Back squats 6-4-3-2 80-85-80-95% 600m run 50 Wall balls 20/14 400m run 25 wall balls 20/14 The squats are really heavy now. If you haven’t been consistent scale this back 5-10%. Hit the run at 85%, and then get as many of the 50 wallballs as you can unbroken. Once you get to the… Read more »

Wods 10/29/18-11/2/18

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Monday 2 Power snatch+1 OHS EMOTMx8 15-12-9-6-3 Power snatch 95/65 Ring pushups 200m run Focus on a tight bar path on the power snatch and staying engaged during the squat. Use a weight you can do 15x in a row for the wod. If you need to break the reps, it should be on the… Read more »

Wods 10/22/18-10/26/18

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Monday Back squats 3×8 75% 10 pullups each round 3rds 20 Goblet squats7 70/53 4 wall walks 50 DU Week 3 of the squats. Have way done after this week folks! Stick with them and you’ll see some major gains. Start the wod with a KB you can get all 20 on the first round…. Read more »