W.O.D. (Workout of the Day)

  • W.O.D. for Wednesday 20 March
    Overhead squats 5x2 32x1

    Front rack lunges 115/75
    Ball slams 40/30
    12-9-6 Ring dips

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WODs 3/18/19-3/23/19

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Monday 3x 8 Bench Press 15 min AMRAP Calorie Row 2,4,6,8,10… Rope climbs 1 single arm DB PP 50/35 6/6 Bench press and pushup variations serve as our horizontal press.  This is important when balancing out the shoulder.  Today has pressing and pulling from almost all angles.  come in and get the pump on! Tuesday… Read more »

Wods 3/11/19-3/15/19

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Monday 3 Power clean EMOTMx8 min 21-15-9 DB thrusters 50/35 Burpee Box Jump overs 24/20 We will spend the first half of class working on improving our power clean technique.  If your proficient, go up to 75-80% as long as you are moving well.  If you’re newer, this is a chance to improve technique.  This… Read more »

WODs 3/4/19-3/8/19

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Monday Clean and Jerk-EMOTMx8 min work up to 70% Max effort mile run Remainder of class to find 1rm This is a retest from January.  Attack the mile full force.  You have as long as you like for the 1rm.  We’ll spend the first part of class dialing in technique.  The 1rm can be power… Read more »

WODs 2/25/19-3/1/19

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Monday Rowing/biking Nancy 5rds 500m row/.6 Bike 15 OHS 95/65 This is a retest from the beginning of the year.  Time to see how far yall have come!  We’ve worked hard on both of these movements.  For a long wod like this, the key is pacing.  You should start off a little slower, and then… Read more »