W.O.D. (Workout of the Day)

  • W.O.D. for Thursday 20 September
    "3 sets
    Close grip bench 10
    Strict pullups 10

    ""Boat Race""

    3 sets
    500m row
    400m run
    Rest 2 min

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2 ways to get stronger

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Hey guys, I want to shed some light on exactly how the body adapts to getting stronger, and how it relates to the programmed WODs.  There are 2 ways the body gains strength, adaptations within the muscle itself, or the central nervous system.  So, when we do higher rep ranges, this causes muscles to be… Read more »

Wods 9/17/18-9/21/18

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Monday Back squat 10-8-6-4-2 65,70,75,80,85,% 3rds 30 Wall balls 20/14 15 TTB We get heavy today on the back squat. Lifting lower reps above 80% improves the bodies ability to recruit more motor units faster. This is how we train our nervous system to lift heavier weights. The wod is meant to be similar to… Read more »

WODs 9/10-14

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Monday 10 September Rope climb skills OHS 5×2 32×1 3rds 400m run 12 back squats 185/125 2 Rope climbs Alrighty guys, this is the first week of our fall cycle. For the first month, we are really going to hone in on position. So there will be a lot of tempo work. OHS develop overall… Read more »

WODs 9/4-7

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Tuesday 4 September CrossFit Total 1 Rep Max of each Back Squat Strict Press Deadlift The Total is a great test of absolute strength. Your back squat, press and Deadlift are a foundation for a lot of movements in CF. We will test these again in December. If your goals are CrossFit related, improving this… Read more »