W.O.D. (Workout of the Day)

  • W.O.D. for Wednesday 21 August
    Back squat 6-4-3-2 75%-90%

    400m run
    14 Front rack lunges 115/75
    2 Rope climbs
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Wods 8/19/19-8/23/19

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Saturday will soon be upon us!  Hopefully you’ve strategized with your teams and are ready to go.  I know I am:)  Friday is more bodyweight and aerobic in nature  to allow you all to recover for Sat.  Don’t forget potluck afterwards at 12. Monday “1rd every 3 min x 27 min 1: Run 400m 2:… Read more »

Battle by the Bay

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The event will start at 8am Saturday the 24th  Our goal is to be done by 12. Here are the teams followed by the events.  Time to get with your coaches and strategize!  Don’t forget we are having a pot luck afterwards at noon! Team Clint Darien Claire Russ Ashley Kyle Matt A Robin Pamela… Read more »

Wods 8/12/19-8/16/19

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2 weeks until Battle by the Bay.  Its a fun way to build camaraderie and work out with people that come to different classes.   We are working toward a CrossFit Total on September 9.  We’ve been mixing strength in with work capacity so I am excited to see how strong yall have gotten! Monday… Read more »

WODs 8/5/19-8/9/19

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Reminder that our Battle by the Bay intra gym comp is 8/24/19 Saturday.  It will have large teams to ensure maximal participation.  Each team will be coached by Myself, Katie, or Johanna.  Its completely free.  Sign up at the gym! Monday 3 Hang squat cleans work up to heavy set in 12 min “Dos Mas”… Read more »