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This picture alone should convince you  that eating real food is what you should be striving for.  It is amazing the crap we pump into our bodies, especially our children's.  I get fired up every month when my kids bring home the menu for their school's lunches.  It is things like these chicken nuggets that they feed them and call it "healthy" since it is breaded in whole wheat and low fat.  Top it off with some chocolate milk (for strong bones and teeth) and some fruit cocktail (to help get your 5 servings a day) and you have a well balanced diet:  Low fat and protein, high carbohydrate.  Perfect balance for our growing children.  The fact that so many of these kids are overweight is bad enough.  But, there is the added bonus of ADD/ADHD, radical mood swings, the inability to pay attention in class, stomach issues etc…

     I'm a firm believer that a high sugar and grain diet does a number on brain function.  Alzheimer's is being dubbed type 2 diabetes of the brain.  This study talks about having success with schizophrenia on  a low-carb, ketogenic diet.  This article chronicles the success in fighting epilepsy with a  high-fat  diet.

     If we used the same scientific methodology that Ancel Keys and the present day registered dietitians have used,  we can say with reasonable certainty that exercise is making us obese.

     Amazingly enough, a paleo diet seems to work.
     Here is a quick look at our family tree.   Interestingly, the vegetarians in the genus Homo did not have the success that the omnivores had in ultimately evolving to us.  Finally, this article is a look at pre-agriculture man.  We may not have been the knuckle dragging cavemen that we thought we were.