Good Reads

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    I managed to find some interesting articles this week.  This first one discusses the differences between paleolithic skeletons and those post-agriculture.  From that scientists can determine, with a fair amount of certainty, the health of our ancestors.   Paleopathology.
     In keeping with the paleo theme, this article discusses the importance of cooking in the evolution of our brain.
    Robb Wolf addresses the subject of the ZONE diet and protein intake.
    This post is lengthy, but I found it to be an excellent low-carb rant that takes on our love of wheat among  other topics.  Children of the Wheat.
    More bagging on wheat.
    The topic of fat composition in our diet is covered Here.    
    Finally, this article was in Men's Health.  It goes into how there never was any evidence that saturated fat causes all the maladies that it is given credit for.  It is reassuring to see the main stream finally seeing the light.  The end of the article is frustrating.  Despite 5 pages of saying saturated fat isn't the demon we have made it out to be, they can't quite come to grips with a low-carb diet being optimal for health.  The standard party line is now to "make sure and eat a well-balanced diet and watch your calories".  Saturated Fat.