Nutrition Time

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Hi everyone!  Here’s a recap from last night and some info for the challenge.  It starts Monday 2/20 and will run 6 weeks.  We are doing a different take on the challenge this year.  Instead of limiting foods or doing strict paleo or whole 30, we are going to focus on regulating your blood sugar,… Read more »

Protein, it’s what’s for Dinner!

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A few people have asked where the best place is to get good quality meat.  Boney’s is across the alley and has some good options but it’s not always (well is almost never) the most cost effective.  Below is a list of different places you can get grassfed beef, pork, (and even a buffalo if… Read more »

Whole 30, Are you in?

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Every year we make New Years Resolutions.  Most of them have some sort of weight loss/fitness aspect to them.  The key to reaching your goals is self discipline.  Food is a very emotional topic.  Some of us crave certain things when we are happy, sad, tired, etc.  The food we then eat, affects us physically… Read more »

USF professor discusses cholesterol, saturated fat and obesity myths

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A USF professor presents evidence from 100+ years of research helping to combat the myths that "consumption of food high in fat and cholesterol causes heart disease, and individuals will live longer if they lower their serum cholesterol through the use of medication."  The article details how sugar is what causes more disease and problems… Read more »

Protein Debate by Lorein Cordain & T. Colin Campbell

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Protein plays a litany of roles in living systems: structural elements, peptide hormones, cell recognition, antibodies… the list is staggering and continues to grow as our understanding of biology expands. What, however, is the role of dietary protein in health and disease in humans? Is the source, type and quantity intimately and directly tied to… Read more »

Paleo Diet makes the news

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Check out this article and interview with a 73 year old paleo-eating man, Art De Vany, who pulls his Range Rover in his driveway and calls it easy.  There is also a short interview with Robb Wolf.  Very interesting. Click here for full article/video