2017, the best year yet!

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As we are starting out 2017, and CrossFit Coronado’s 10th year of bringing the pain and getting people gains, we’ve got several reasons to believe this might be the best year yet.  Clint will be finishing his doctorate in physical therapy and thus ending school FOREVER (so he’s obviously excited).  Kim should be finishing up her masters in nutrition this year too!  Plus, we are working with our awesome team at CFC to come up with a game plan to make 2017 the best year of CrossFit for everyone here.

Before you start reading, we want to ask you to take our gym survey to help us make CFC the best it can be in 2017.  The link for the survey is at the bottom of this post and also HERE.

Here’s some of what’s in store for CFC this year:

First Friday Happy Hours starting in March.  We will vote on somewhere to meet after the 4/5pm classes the first Friday of every month for some social time with everyone.

Nutrition Challenge/Reboot will run from February 20th – April 2.  This will be a partner/team based challenge with a flexible design to challenge you as much or little as you need and are ready for.  We will be meeting Wednesday 2/15 at 6pm to review guidelines and talk nutrition and how to implement changes in your diet/lifestyle for success.  There will be a benchmark partner WOD for the challenge.  If you know someone you want to partner with that will help keep you accountable, sign up for the challenge with them.  If you don’t have anyone in mind but want to do the challenge, we will find you a partner.  There is no cost to join in the challenge.  We will select a male and female winner based on who sticks to their plan the best and commits to making healthy changes.  Winners will get free dinner from the gym at the April “First Friday” Happy Hour!  We’re also hoping to get some recipe exchanges and maybe a meal exchange going on with this!

The 2017 CrossFit Open.  This years open starts February 23.  We will be doing the Open WODs during the classes on Fridays.  We will have a potluck at the gym on 2/24 and 3/24 during the afternoon classes and will have childcare available so EVERYONE can come and hang out!  We will have a brunch Open party week 3 after the 09:30 class (date is 3/10).  If you haven’t signed up for the open you can register at www.games.crossfit.com for $20.  You don’t have to register to participate with us though.

The Committed Club:  We want to recognize our members that are getting into the gym 15 times in a month.  We’ll be posting January’s “Committed Club” list this week.  If you want your name on the list for February, make sure to hit 15 or more workouts!

Mobility Wednesdays will be the last Wednesday of each month during the 6pm class.  Feel free to BYOB of choice and come ready to get better and learn some new mobility tricks.

Skills Wednesdays will be the second Wednesday of each month at 6pm (Starting in March).  We will focus on different skills each month based on what you guys want help with.

BEACH WODs are BACK!  We have a beach WOD scheduled for Sunday 2/19 at 9am.  We will meet at North Beach on the sidewalk.  These are always fun and you are welcome to invite anyone you’d like to join!

New Equipment: We just ordered 2 “Speal Bars” for the black rig.  These are stainless steel pull up bars that don’t need any tape and make pull ups awesome.  Just wait and see if you haven’t tried them before!

Track workouts!  Mekenna is going to be doing some track workouts at the high school and is extending an invite to anyone that want to join her.  We’ll let you know when the first one will be.

Please take our gym survey and let us know what we can do to help make CFC the best it’s ever been.  The survey is anonymous and we welcome all of your feedback!