Protein, it’s what’s for Dinner!

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A few people have asked where the best place is to get good quality meat.  Boney’s is across the alley and has some good options but it’s not always (well is almost never) the most cost effective.  Below is a list of different places you can get grassfed beef, pork, (and even a buffalo if you’re adventurous).  It’s typically cheaper if you buy a larger quantity and can even be more cost effective to buy a deep freeze and buy in bulk than to constantly buy a pound or two here or there.  Another option, if you don’t have space for a deep freeze is to find someone to share a larger order of meat with.

Grass Fed Beef

Open Space Meats (north of Fresno)

Eden Tropics (located in Temecula – also has lamb and goat)

Flying M Enterprises (located in Paso Robles)


Cook Pigs Ranch (Julian)

Buffalo (and other cool stuff):

Bitter water Outfitters (Paso Robles)


Hillicker’s (Lakeside – these are not grain free/free range/etc, but they are fresh laid that day, large and well priced – 20 jumbo eggs for $4)

Another great place to find fresh, in season food and sometimes good deals on meat/eggs is at local Farmers Markets.