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     My son and I were watching the History Channel last night.  They had an hour long show about the life of Gladiators.  We both found it interesting that they were not the buff, Spartacus type (to the disappointment of the pilot on Airplane), but rather they had a nice layer of fat around them.  They fattened up in order to provide some protection against the inevitable slashing wounds.  They fattened up on an exclusively vegetarian diet, mainly barley.  They didn't get to enjoy meat until the evening prior to their fight.

     I continually address the benefits of grass fed meat and wild game.  Cooking it can be problematic if you aren't vigilant.  I have been having great success with steaks by cooking it low and slow.  Basically:  I take the steak and put it on the grill.  Then I turn the grill on it's lowest setting.  I never let the grill get over 240 degrees and try to keep it around 200-220.  Every seven minutes I flip the steak.  For a 1 inch thick cut, it generally takes about 28 minutes.  Let the meat rest for 5 minutes or so before eating.  It is ridiculous how tender and juicy the meat comes out.  For other Paleo recipies check out Eat. Move. Thrive!

 For those of you who will never give up grains, here is a historical look at how to eat grains.

Here is another good take on cholesterol.  This is a three part series, so click on "newer posts" when done with this one.   Also on this site is another three part series on the traditional Eskimo lifestyle and diet.  Click here.