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Next Monday we test our 1rm back squat and Wednesday our 1rm power clean.  4th of July is 8am only.  Have fun!


Back squat 5×5
add 5lbs from last week

10 min AMRAP
20 Wall balls 20/14
35 DU

This is our last week of 5×5 backs squats.  1rm next Monday!  You can only go so fast on the metcon.  Quick transitions are the key.  Set a pace you can hold will get you a better score than burning out.


Bar muscle ups skills

“Cobra Kai”
400m run
8 Devil press 50/35
4 Bar Muscle ups

Devil presses are a relatively new movement.  They are similar to man makers but not as bad.  We’ll have something for everyone on bar muscle ups.  For those of you that are really good at bar muscle ups, I have a challenge for you.  Run so hard you can’t do them.  Won’t get you the best time, but you’ll see more gains in the long term.


Single arm DB press 5/5
15-20 Vups or GHD

Teams or 2
Row27/21 Cal
Dball/sandbag carry 25m
1wks 1 rests

Single arm presses along with GHD situps/v-ups are there to balance out our core.  We do a lot of hip ext, there has to be adequate hip flexion.  You’ll see a lot more sandbags/Dballs/KB in the coming months.  They put your hips in a better position relative to a barbell.  More on that later.


4th 8am only


“The Master Chief”
4 min work 2 min restx3
3 Deadlifts
6 pushups
9 Jumping squats
Rd1 185/125, Rd2 225/155, Rd3 275/185

This is a supped up version of a classic mainsite wod.  I love adding weight under some aerobic fatigue because it has greater carryover to real life.  Don’t under estimate the pushups and jumping squats!