WODs 7/8/19-7/12/19

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This week, we test our 1rm Back squat Monday, 1rm Power clean Wednesday.  We end the week with a fun chipper and then mean EMOTM with a twist.  Kim and I are in San Fran until Thursday.  See yall then.


Back squat 1rm

“Big 4-0”
Row 500m
40 Abmat situps
Bike .6
40 abmat situps
400m run
40 abmat situps

We’ve done 5×5 for 3 weeks in a row.  Time to see if its paid off.  The wod is meant to be easy on the joints, allow for more time squatting, and really burn the lungs.


5×3 Push Jerk

Burpee box Jumps 24/20
Push Press/Jerk 115/75

The goal isn’t to get a max on push Jerk.  Its to get comfortable connecting reps.  I’d like you to preferably work up to your wod wt or heavier.


3 power cleans EMOTMx3 min
rest 1 min
2 power cleans EMOTMx3 min
rest 1 min
1 power clean EMOTMx7 min up to 1rm

“Leg work”
8 min AMRAP
DB Front squat 50/35
Toes to bar

This EMOTM setup primes the CNS to move big weights.  We’ve done a lot of deadlifts.  Time to see how that pulling strength carries over to speed strength.  Break the TTB in small sets.  The DB will tax your grip.  Don’t go to failure on TTB.


Filthy Fifty 2.0

50 Box Jump overs 24/20
50 DB CJ 50/35
50m DB OH carry 50/35
50 Jumping Lunges
50 KBS 70/53
50m Front rack carry 70/53×1
50 Pushups
50 plyo jumps over KB
50/35 Cal bike

Pacing tip, its always better for you to decide when to break up the movements, then it be decided for you.  Keep that in mind as you approach this wod.


“Shake Weight”

EMOTMx12 min
1: Row 18/12
2: 10 DB snatch 50/35
3: 40 Db unders
4: 4 Bar MU
rest 3 min
Row 18/12 cal
10 DB snatch 50/35
40 Dbl unders
4 Bar MU

The first part of this is gonna require you to use solid form and pacing.  The EMOTM allow you to dial in form under fatigue.  The key is breathing, and moving with intent.  On the second part, go out 80% on round 1, then hot on 2.