Wods July 23rd-28th

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Monday 23rd


Back Squats 3×5 reps@ 60%,65%,70%


16 Front rack lunges 115/75
16 Box Jump overs 24/20
16 Hand Release Pushups

Back Squat Mondays, hope everyone is staying consistent with these. We will plan to max out once we get through the entire cycle. Please make sure you’re keeping track of your weights!

Tuesday 24th


Rope Climb


400m run
21 Power cleans 115/75
9 Rope climbs
400m run
15 Power cleans 115/75
7 Rope climbs
400m run
9 Power cleans 115/75
5 Rope climbs

Skill Tuesdays! This week we are focusing on Rope Climbs. If you are uncomfortable with your foot position this is the day to come. We will break down the rope climb, work on technique and teach progressions for those working on their first climb!

Wednesday 25th 


Odd 5 Push press
Even 5 TTB

EMO2M x3

20 WB 20/14 ( 2 Mins)
20 T2B ( 2 Mins)
20 PP @ 95/65 ( 2 Mins)

Rest 3 MINS

20 WB 20/14
20 T2B
20 PP 95/65
Rest 2 min
Big lap

Lift today is the Push Press, we want to work on connecting the reps together. Want to focus on control and keeping our body under tension, we will be working from the rack to accomplish this. This lift will carry over into our workout which is focused on light weight , fast reps to keep our HR up. Scores will be however many reps you can complete in each EMOM in it’s entirety. I.E EMO2M x 3 will equal 1 complete score and the EMOM 6 will equal 1 complete score. Each individual will have a total of two scores to give the coach at the end of the workout. 


Thursday 26th


Ring Dips 5×5


6/6 DBHPC and Jerk 50/35

60 Double Unders

15/12 CAL Bike/Row ( Calories are for Male/Female)

Todays strength is ring dips, want to focus on keeping those elbows in and that core nice and tight. Our METCON today is meant to push our HR but give our quads a break.

Friday 27th

LIFT Deadlifts – 5×5@80%


25m Shuttle sprint
50m Front rack carry (Other way) 53/35×2
30 Russian Twists 10lbs

Its Deadlift Friday! Make sure you are staying patient with your hips and not allowing them to shoot up first when executing this lift. These are all deadstop so do not use the bounce to assist. Deadlifts are an awesome Power lift that carry over into multiple other movements.

Saturday 28th

Teams of 2


1 Partner runs 400 meter while second Partner works 


4 Strict Pullups 

6 DBHPS 50/35 

8 KTE 

10 Box Jumps 24/20

This is a awesome AMRAP that not only incorporates team work but keeps everyone moving at a steady pace. Score will be the total amount of reps the team as a whole earns.