WODs 9/10-14

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Monday 10 September

Rope climb skills

OHS 5×2 32×1

400m run
12 back squats 185/125
2 Rope climbs

Alrighty guys, this is the first week of our fall cycle.
For the first month, we are really going to hone in on position. So there will be a lot of tempo work. OHS develop overall flexibility wihich help pretty much all movements. They aren’t in the wod due to the intensity and volume of tomorrow’s 9/11 wod.
Hit the run 1st run at a pace that you can do all the squats unbroken. This wod should feel like a mile and half run.

Tuesday 11 September

Teams of 2

2001 row
11 box jumps 30/24
11 thrusters 135/95
11 burpee chest to bar pull-ups
11 power cleans 185/125
11 hspus
11 kb sdlhp 70/55
11 burpee toes to bar
11 deadlifts 185/125
11 push jerks 135/95
2001 meter row

Today is the 9/11 Memorial WOD. This will be done as a partner wod with one working and one resting. If you really want to do this solo, have at it. There are a lot of different movements and the Row will take a decent amount of time. Scale as needed. When it gets hard, just remember all of those affected by 9/11 and how our world has changed. Then keep going.

Wednesday 12 September

8 Good mornings pause 1ct at bottom

50/35 cal bike
100m bear hug carry 40/30
10 strict pullups

The strength piece is all about the posterior chain. Good mornings help us keep our back straight when lifting as well as train the hamstrings. These also teach us good hip hinge mechanics.

The wod is meant to really tax the HR, but not the joints. Days like this allow us to keep moving forward without undue wear and tear. Gotta stay in the game to get better!

Thursday 13 September

DU Warmup

10 seated DB press
15 Vups

KTE skills

“The hurt locker”
100 DU
40 DB snatch 50/35
40/ cal/bike
40 Knees to elbows
40 True pushups
100 DU

Today is all upper body strength and heart rate. Seated press prevent back hyperextension overhead and vups are not only a great core exercise, its a similar motion to TTB/KTE. We will spend time working on DU and KTE. Time to get SKILLZ!!!

Friday 14 September

1rd E3M
Front squat 5×2 32×1

Open WOD 18.2A
DB front squats 50/35
Bar Facing burpees

We are going to do a lot of tempo over the next few weeks in order to build stability in the bottom. Slowing movement down allows us to really dial in technique. For the wod, similar to yesterday, we want quick transitions. Use a weight you could get 15-20 times in a row if you were fresh.