Wods 6/25/18-6/29/18

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We did a lot of maxing last week.  The weights are lighter this week to allow our bodies adequate recovery.  We’ll get back to heavy squats the following week.


Power clean+2 Lunges EMOTMx8 (warmup for wod)

“The Running Man”
800m run
10 Front rack lunges 115/75
10 Ring pushups

Single leg movements are great at forcing the glutes to do their job.  Front rack lunges really hammer the legs, but are easier on the joints that squats due to the lighter amount of weight being used.  Hit the run at 80%, and focus on taking a breath every rep.


1 snatch EMOTMx8 (warmup)

5 min AMRAP
100 DU-buy in
max rds
10 snatch 115/75
10 bar facing burpees
Rest 3 min
5 min AMRAP
100 DU buy in
max rds
8 snatch 135/95
12 Bar facing burpees
Rest 3 min
5 min AMRAP
100 DU buy in
6 snatch 155/105
14 Bar Facing burpees

The EMOTM at the beginning is there merely to dial in technique.  Work up to the heaviest weight you will use in the wod.  Scaling options are to not change weights if you are newer, or pick entirely different ones that are within you ability level.


“True Lies”

Teams of 3
10k Row
alternate every 300m

This is just good ole fashion work capacity.  Its meant to be easy on the joints and hard on the cardiovascular system.  You are working at about 1:2 ratio so that means all out effort!


5/5 TGU
15 GHD situps


35 Wall balls 20/14
15 Pullups
5 Wall walks

TGU strengthen just about every muscle in the body in some form or fashion.  They are great for improving shoulder ROM and stability.  For the wod, attack the wallballs.  This wod should burn in the lungs.  The wall walks are slow.  Use them to catch your breath in between reps so you can go right at the wallballs.


Deadlift+hang power clean+push jerk EMOTMx10 work up to atleast the weigth for the wod

12 Deadlifts 155/105
9 Hang power cleans 155/105
6 Push jerk 155/105

Today is an old school Benchmark.  In order to cycle the reps quickly, you must be efficient.  The purpose of a wod like this is to test efficiency under fatigue.  The jerk is usually the deciding factor on the weight.  You should get the 1st set of jerks unbroken.