Wods 7/2/18-7/7/18

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Back squat 5-75%, 5-80%, 5-85%

200 Meter Run
10 FRL 95/65
6 CAL Bike

We are going a bit heavier today on the back squats.  Hitting a set at a higher percentage trains the body to recruit more muscle fibers at a faster rate resulting in more force production.


SKILL – Shoulder tap warmup then MU skills

2 MU –
4 Man Makers 50/30
8 HSPU 50/30
10 DBHPS 50/30
15 CAL Row /Bike

Shoulder taps will help with handstand walking as well as improve shoulder stability by strengthening the scapular muscles.  This wod is full of high skill movements.  They are put in in low reps so that you aren’t stuck on any one of them for very long.  We will scale it so you can move through consistently in order to get the most out of the wod.


Operation Red Wing Memorial Wod In Honor of those that lost their lives 6-28-05 in Afghanistan

28 Box Jumps overs 24/20
28 Power Cleans 75/45 28
KB swings 1 POOD
28 Abmat Situps
28 Push Presses 75/45
28 Air Squats
(may be done solo or scaled via a partner wod)


400 Meter Run
40 CAL Bike/ Row
600 Meter Run
30 CAL Bike/Row
800 Meter
20 CAL Bike/Row
1000m run

This wod is easy on the joints, but not the heart!  We need wods like this, because they allow us to keep training but prevent overuse injuries.  This is a purely aerobic wod.  A well developed aerobic system will help improve the bodies ability to recover via improved circulation.


Power snatch+snatch EMOTMx12 min 50-80%

12 min AMRAP
9 Snatches 105/75
30 Double Unders
9 T2B

The EMOTM is there to dial in mechanics.  Use this time to work on keeping the bar close and work on fast mechanics. The goal of the wod is to maintain a pace you can hold on to for 12 min.  Break up the TTB in 2 sets if necessary.  Don’t take them to failure!