June Athlete of the Month – Marci

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marci4Meet Marci Szymanski! Marci joined CrossFit Coronado in October 2016. We love having her as a member! Marci is a self-proclaimed competitor at heart, but she is the first one to cheer on the other athletes in the gym. She is always optimistic even when she thinks she’s not. Her sense of humor keeps us laughing. Marci tells it as it is and we wouldn’t have it any other way! As one of our Masters Athletes, Marci is an excellent example of what can be accomplished as we leave our younger years. Her pride in herself and accomplishments in the gym are evident, she’s earned it!

Marci tried a class at CFC to appease two friends who were already members, that had been “harassing” her to try it out. The perception of CrossFit being a workout for the young who could throw around heavy weights had been a deterrent. To her surprise, she found that WODs could be scaled and she could do them! The seemingly never ending muscle soreness  kept Marci coming back, she knew she had to keep moving to relieve it. To her surprise, she was enjoying the classes, the camaraderie of the members; and she was getting stronger! Marci had a goal to summit Mt. Kilimanjaro, her workouts at CFC were instrumental in helping her accomplish that dream.

marci3In asking Marci what her goals are in CrossFit, she relayed stories about a hamstring rupture and shoulder injury and surgery. She wants to “maintain and improve practical strength and mobility.” Another goal, one of which is so close, is a strict pull-up. Trust us, it won’t be long until she’s got it! Given Marci’s injuries, she shows determination each day in the gym.

Marci’s favorite movements in CF are the deadlift and box jump. She has gone from a 55# deadlift to 175#!! This PR is her proudest moment so far in CF.  Her least favorite movements are pull-ups and burpees.

Why does Marci love CFC? “I love the people, the atmosphere and the workouts. I was shy about starting as I thought I would find an elitist mentality at CFC. It’s been amazing! The other CrossFitters don’t judge. They were supportive when I was deadlifting 55# and they were cheering me on when I reached 175#. The coaches are the perfect balance between cheerleader and overbearing coach. I’ve never felt anyone discourage me from trying anything at CFC. The other thing I love about CrossFit in general is that I don’t have to think up my workout everyday. I have NEVER been bored with the WOD’s!

Marci’s advice for someone new to CrossFit or thinking about joining is the confidence that’s built. Feeling better and getting physically stronger are worth the start up. She would also make sure that they know the WOD’s can be marci2scaled.

In asking Marci to tell us something unique about herself, she shared that she has been accepted to Columbia University and USC! She is going to get her Master’s in Social Work. We will certainly be cheering her on!

Last, but certainly not least, Marci finds her motivation in the gym from her competitive nature. PERIOD! “I always want to do my best.” She also finds her inspiration in helping people.