WODs 3/26-30

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Congrats on finishing the 2018 open!  We are excited for March to end this week and look forward to seeing you all A LOT more starting in April.  Thank you to everyone from CFC that helped us set up for Mike’s Celebration of Life last Saturday.  We had more people at the gym that afternoon than we have ever had in there at once.  It was just like Mike had wanted!

“Chest Monday”
1RM close grip bench press

15 min AMRAP
Teams of 3
1 person doex max rep bench at approx 50% of 1rm
1 person runs a 200m
1 person does single jumps
switch every time the runner returns

Today we will test our 1rm close grip bench. Close grip is safer for the shoulder as well as has greater carry over to our gymnastics movements. For the wod, the goal is to test muscular endurance. We want a weight on the bar you can move continuously for 15+reps for round 1. The other movements are there to keep the HR up and tax the aerobic system

“Sixteen candles”

Power snatch+snatch EMOTMx8 work up to 75%

Hill Run-Outlier/CFC-Marriott
The remainder of class to hit a max snatch

score is Time and wt lifted

The EMOTM is simply a primer. We want to dial in the movements as well as open up the shoulders for the work we are about to do. We have done a lot of challenging wods over the open and now its time to see how well they carry over to our running. Running is a very objective way to measure our fitness level. For the snatch post run, start with very light or no weight on the bar. You have the rest of class to hit your max. Make sure you sit down between attempts and take smart jumps

“Fast times at Ridgemont High”

Front squat find 3rm

150 wallballs for time 20/14
*every time you stop-8 cal bike

We have been consistently squatting and now its time to see where we are at. Outlier is going to do a Clean and Jerk cycle starting next week. you should be able to clean your 3rm FS provided your technique is on point and your pulling strength is adequate. This will give you a good ball park goal to shoot for when you test your clean and jerk.  The wod is intended to force you out of your comfort zone. The intent here is maximum effort. The greatest adaptation in CF is between the ears. Today is a day that you all are going to get better.”

3 Rounds
10 Strict pullups
5/5 TGU

“The Breakfast club”
5 min AMRAP rest 2 min, 6 min AMRAP rest 2 min 7 min AMRAP
5/5 KB hang cln and Jerks 53/35
10 SDHP 53/35
10 TTB
30 Du

The pullups and TGU are movements that build shoulder stability. The TGU also help train the obliques which are crucial in core stability.
The wod is the exact opposite of yesterday. Here you must pace yourself. The rest will allow you to maintain a faster pace, but you should still focus on holding a pace you can maintain and not go to hard out of the gate. This way, you will actually maintain a much higher average speed and get a better score.

“Pretty in Pink”
5 Deadlift every 1:30×5 work up to 75%
All Deadstop!!!

500m row
12 Deadlift 225/155
12 Ring dips

The focus today is on the setup of the deadlift. A proper setup will ensure posterior chain engagement as well as prevent injury. The weights are not intended to get really heavy. Deadlift is a movement that you don’t necessarily need to go all out on to see improvement. This wod is intended to feel like a mile run. You should hit the first rd at 90%, hang in there on the 2nd, and give it all you have on rd 3. Better to start a little slower and finish strong, then to start off strong and burn out.