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Tempo Front squat 5×3  32×1(3 down, 2 pause and back up) 70%

Rope climb skills

15 min AMRAP
20/15 cal row
12 Front rack lunges 115/75
2 rope climbs

The focus for the front squats is always moving well. The tempo stresses staying engaged on the way down. This is good for all levels and will help everyones form. Now that we have 6 ropes thanks to Randy, its time to put them to use. We will help everyone improve their technique during the warmup. For the scaling, scale the lunges so that they can be done unbroken.


Sumo Deadlift 5 E2Mx10 min 55-75% of DL all deadstop

400m run
15 KB SDL 70/53
15 KBS 70/53
8/5 strict pullups

Sumo Deadlift is a bit easier on the low back and tends to strength the hips a bit more. This doesn’t require as much flexibility as well as its very functional to moving real world objects. For the wod, scale the pullups so that they are challenging but achieveable. Its ok to do them in 2 sets as long as you can atleast get the first round unbroken.


DU skills
10 strict dips straight bar or rings
15 GHD situps

DB snatch 50/35
Dbl under

The dip is the squat of the upper body. We are going to be really honing in on upper body strength as it is key to all of the gymnastic moves as well as for providing shoulder stability. The GHD situps can be scaled via reps or ROM.
Couplets are arguably the most effective style of workout. We are going to work unilateral strength as well as aerobic capacity with the DU. Scale the snatches so you can move the whole time!


TTB skills

Hang power cleans
3 EMOTMx8 min up to 75%

7 hang power cleans 135/95
7 burpees over the bar

The hang cleans are merely here to warmup the front rack and develop skill with cycling for the wod. We want them to be unbroken during the wod. The key to this one is fast transitions. Its not a sprint due to the number of rounds. You should start off a bit slower than you think and pick it up on rd 3 if you feel good.


4 sets
5 push press 70%-hold 2ct
8 strict pullups (use wt if you can)

DB front squat 50/35
DB push press 50/35
Bike cal
50m farmers carry 50/35

We are pausing at the top of the push press to build stability. This is incredibly important for injury prevention.

This wod is most definitely a sprint. Get through the set of 21, and its all down hill. Farmers carries not only build core strength, they have the added benefit of strengthening out the biceps.