Wods 4/9/18-4/13/18

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4 sets
5 sumo Deadlift 70% deadstop
8/8 BSS

“Run and Gun”
800m run
25 Ring pushups
400m run
15 Ring pushups
200m run
5 ring pushups

The goal of today is to strengthen those glutes! These muscles stabilize the hip which then provide knee and low back stability. Sumo DL and bulgarian split squats serve to provide variety to our usual strength movements to prevent imbalances
This wod will get the HR up but give the legs a break after the strength movements. We want you to be either unbroken or scale to get the ring pushups in 2/3 sets for the first 2 rds


4/4 TGU
10 strict pullups

“Hamster wheel”
12 min AMRAP

5/5 DB hang clean and Jerk 50/35
10 burpees over DB
30 DU

TGU and strict pullups will both stabilize and warmup the shouders for today’s wod. Single arm implements allow us to balance out L and R. The focus of the wod is aerobic capacity. We want you to set a pace you can maintain the whole time. That might mean start off a little slower and then speed up if you feel good.


Tabata hollow rocks/superman
TTB skills
pigeon stretch

power clean+2 FS EMOTMx7 up to wod wt

“Jail break”
5 min AMRAP
21 cal bike/Row
21 TTB
21 FS 135/95
Rest 3 min
5 min AMRAP
15 Cal bike/Row
15 TTB
15 FS 155/110
3 min rest
5 min AMRAP
9 cal bike/Row
9 FS 185/125

We will spend time today improving peoples TTB. After that we will practice picking up the bar and transitioning into the squat. The weights should go light, med, then heavy. Scale them so you can get each rd in 1-2 sets.

Dbl under skills
7 snow angles
7 PVC windmills

Max push press

12 KBS 70/53
12 Push press 115/75
12 box jump overs 24/20

We have worked really hard on our upper body strength and today we will see where we are at on push press. We will go over mechanics in the warmup to ensure a vertical bar path. For the wod, scale the weights to be unbroken! It should be light. Wod is a sprint.


400m run
perfect stretch
Banded warmup
lat lunge w/ pause at bottom

Good mornings 3×8  get 10 strict pull ups b/w sets

“Dynamic Duo”
teams of 2
4rds each
25 wallballs 20/14
25m suicide sprint
1 person works 1 rests

Good mornings will strengthen the back and hamstrings but lay off the quads since they have been taxed a lot this week. Alot of folks want pullups so we are going to be putting them in a lot more in between sets of barbell strength movements.
This wod will encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and go unbroken. The suicide is all about changing direction quickly.