Wods 4/16/18-4/20/18

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Front squat find 1rm

Big lap
37 Front squats 155/105
37 Knees to elbows
37 Cal row

Happy 37th to Steph Wolters! Be smart here on the run, I’d suggest breaking the squats up in 3 quick sets. Same with the KTE. This is a fast paced wod, but not an all out sprint.


HS hold skills
alt HS hold/hollow rock

4 SDL EMOTMx8 60-80% Deadstop

3 min AMRAP rest 1 minx4
8 cal/Row bike
8 SDHP-KB 70/53

Sumo deadlift carryover more to the squat than conventional. We don’t train this wide stance as often and I’m excited to see what it does to everyones conventional DL. We want the HSPU as close to unbroken as possible. The rest will allow intensity to be maintained by allowing the arms to partially recover.


3 sets
Clgr Bench 10-70%
DB rows 8/8

100 DU
12 DB PP 50/35
12 Vups
12 slam balls 40/30
12 ring dips
Then 100 DU

Bench and rows both hit the horizontal plane that often gets overlooked. The wod is gonna be spicy! Use DB that can be cycled quickly. Do the ring dips strict. It will make you stronger. Goal should be to go unbroken on all movements except the dips if necessary. This ensure the proper cardiovascular stimulus.


Kipping pullup skills

Rowing cindy
20 min AMRAP
5 Pullups
10 Pushups
15 Air squats
20 cal row/bike

Rowing is very much as skill! Today is all about dialing in rowing technique. If you are good at kipping pullups, try butterfly, if not scale and go strict. Set a pace you can keep on the rower. This is most definitely not a sprint!


2 PS+OHS Every 75 sec x 7 sets

Teams of 2

15 min AMRAP
1/1, 2/2, 3/3, 4/4…
snatch 135/95
Burpee box jump overs 24/20

1wks 1 rest

The purpose E75 sec is to dial in hip ext as well as open up the shoulders. You and your partner can alternate as needed. Score is total reps.