Wods 4/23/18-4/2718

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Press 1rm
“””Happy 50th Birthday Bill Winn!””
14 min AMRAP
7 MU
50 WB 20/14
100 DU
Today we see where we are on strict press.  Improving this lift will have a lot of carry over to handstand pushups.  This wod is a lung burner.  I would break up the movements in 2 sets for each movement with short rests.  This will allow a faster overall pace.  On a longer AMRAP like this, your best bet is to start a little slower, and then pick it up.  We will scale the muscle ups to each person individually so everyone gets a great wod.
2 Deadlift EMOTMx8 up to 80%-deadstop
5 min AMRAP
20/15 cal row
12 burpees over the rower/bar
12 Deadlift 185/125
3 min rest
20/15 cal row
15 burpees over the rower/bar
9 Deadlifts 225/155
3 min rest
5 min AMRAP
20/15 cal row
18 burpees over the rower/bar
6 Deadlift 275/185
This wod should feel like mile repeats. During the EMOTM, work up to a litte bit heavier than you plan on doing in the wod.  This will make the wod wt feel lighter.  Pick weights that allow you to go out of your comfort zones on the bike/rower!
Front squat 3×7 75%
Front squats 185/125
C2B pullups
We are going to be focusing on front squats for the next few months.  7 reps at 75 should be challenging but doable.  For the wod, if scaling, we want the first set in no more than 2 sets.  Tbis will keep the intensity high.  Yesterday was aerobic, today is a sprint!
Handstand pushups skills
3 power clean EMOTMx6
“Forest Gump”
800m run
15 Power cleans 115/75
9 strict HSPU
Run 400m
12 power cleans 115/75
7 strict HSPU
200m run
9 Power cleans 115/75
5 strict HSPU
Will spend some time opening up the shoulders for HSPU.  This skill is going to show up a lot more often! The cleans should be light enough to cycle quickly.  The HSPU should be scaled so that strict is achieveable.  Seated DB press is an option as well.
close grip bench 10
10 strict pullups
“Hot Rod”
400m run
30 Wall balls 20/14
18 DB snatch 50/35
This is a similar type of wod as wednesday accept you are not limited strength.  Adjust this wod so you can go unbroken.  The intent here is intensity.  Go get’em!