Wods 4/30/18-5/4/18

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6 RDL 3211
15 GHD situps


12 min AMRAP
800m run buy in
10 KB SDL 70/53
10 Ring Pushups
30 DU

RDL are a new movement for most of us and are a great way to develop the posterior chain.  a great weight to use is 75% of your clean.  The coaches will help you adjust from there.  The wod is all about pacing.  Go no faster than will allow you to take a breath every rep.


2 hang snatch EMOTMx8 min

Work up to 80%

“Star Scream”
25 min AMRAP
20/15 cal row/bike
2 hang snatch add 5lbs/rd as long as you can

Use the EMOTM simply as an extended warmup.  When we mix submaximal aerobic work with olympic lifting people tend to pr.  You can start at whatever you want, you just can’t increase by more than 5lbs/rd.  If you want to get heavy, earn it!


Tempo Front squat 5×3
32×1 70-80%

18 DB front squats 50/35
18 Burpee box jumps 24/20

The tempo forces the athlete to develop control throughout the entire range of motion.  This is key to stabilizing the hip and low back.  One of the most effective ways to develop strength is to simply increase time under tension.  Tempos are one of the safest ways to accomplish this.  For the wod, go get it!  We want to see you push the pace on this one.  This should feel like a max effort mile run.


3×10 strict pullups

“Jack and Jill”

Teams of 2

5rds each
500m row
100m Front rack carry 53/35

1 person rows, 1 person carries, switch when the last person finishes

Today will get everyone a great workout and will allow your joints a break from the weights.  This is all about showing up and doing work.  Its hard to get more functional than picking up an object and moving it.  I know you all love strength, but we need to work on endurance as well.



8 Press+4 Push pressx3 sets

20 back squats 115/75
15 slam balls 40/30
50 Vlad carry(1OH/1Farmers) 53/35

The purpose of today is to build over head position as well as core strength.  Use a weight on the strength that you can do 8 reps in a row.  This will allow you to complete each set unbroken and will help keep intensity high.  For the wod, attack the back squats.  Go out of your comfort zone on the pace.  Use a weight that can be done all unbroken for rd 1.  The carry is the hardest part and will develop the core unilaterally.