Wods 5/7/18-5/11/18

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3 PC EMOTMx8 min

5 Power clean 155/105
10 Burpees
15 Wall balls 20/14

During the EMOTM, focus on cycling. Don’t go super heavy, 70-75% will get you good and warmed up. Use a weight you can touch and go for the wod. We want quick transitions to spike the HR.


8/8 Bent rows
BSS 8/8

12 min AMRAP
8 OHL 95/65
8 KB SDHP 70/53
8 C2B pullups

Rows and split squats are great accessory movements that serve the role of correcting imbalances. You all need them! This wod is intended to be lighter weights, fast transitions. For the pullups, scale the reps if 8 is too many. we want to see at least the 1st round unbroken.


3×10 strict pullups
Rowing skills

1 Round Every 3 Minutes x 27 min (9 Rounds)

1: 400m run
2: 500M ROW
3: 0.6 Bike

Today we push into the longer time domain. We need to focus solely on aerobic endurance from time to time. Today is easy on the joints, but will improve circulation so you can recover from Monday and Tuesday as well as get in a great workout.


3 Deadlift+3 power cleans+3 Front squats 6 sets

100 DU $in
Front squat 185/125
Ring dips
100 DU

This is the exact opposite of yesterday. The strength is there to build each part of the clean. Focus on a perfect setup every time. For the wod, use the rack if you have too. I want this one to be our heavy wod of the week.  You absolutely can get stronger with you HR elevated.  Take a breath after every rep.

1×10/10 TGU+windmill

8 min AMRAP rest 3 minx2
Bike 2/4/6…
DB snatch 2/4/6
Box Jump over 2/4/6…


TGU+windmill will open up all of the joints as well as serve as a great warmup for the wod. The key to the wod is bring it on the bike. Focus on set and breathing for the other movements. The bike is what make or breaks your score.