Wods 5/14/18-5/19/18

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Happy birthday Coach Kenna!

Deadlift 3 EMOTMx8 min all deadstop 65-80%

400m run
12 Deadlift 225/155
20 Ring pushups


Focus on the setup for the deadlifts.  This is a movement that doesn’t need to be done to max intensity very often to see progress.  Simply working at the above % will ensure safe progress.  For the wod, we want the reps unbroken but under control.  We will scale the ring pushups accordingly to each individual.


Rope climb skills

E3mx24 min

5/5 KBPP 53/35
10 plyo jumps
15 ball slams 40/30
1 rope climb

The Wod is about pacing.  Attempt to take a breath every rep.  You should be at 85% effort and trying to sustain it the whole time.  Wods like this improve efficiency as you get a chance to refocus during the rest periods.


Happy Dirty 30 D$!

Teams of 2-1wks 1 rests

20 min AMRAP
30 cal bike/row
5 Burpee pullups
18 Front squats 155/105
88 Dbl unders

A team wod is generally a great way to get in intervals.  I would suggest cutting each round exactly in half.  For a wod this long, don’t start off too fast.  If you feel good 8 min in, then pick it up.


TTB skills

3 pos snatch 7 sets

“Snake bite”
12 min AMRAP
4 hang snatch 115/75
8 Slam ball over shoulder 40/30

3 pos snatches are one of my favorite drills.  The goal today is to work on each phase of the lift.  The goal isn’t a max, but to perfect mechanics.  If you are moving well, feel free to go up.  The wod is designed for quick transitions.  Scale so that this is maintained.



Front rack lunges 3×8/8 from rack(step backwards)

Happy birthday Troie!

“Go Ahead”
800m run
20 DB front rack lunges 50/35
5 wall walks
400m runs
15 DB front rack lunges 50/35
3 wall walks
200m run
10 DB front rack lunges 50/35
1 Wall walk


The strength piece is meant to improve confidence with single limb movements.  We are stepping backwards as it is less sheer force on the knee.  Movements like this are key to fixing imbalances in our legs and trunk.  This will keep us healthy as well as strong for a long time!


“CrossFit Fight club”

1 min max reps
Thruster 95/65
Power cleans 95/65
Box jump overs 24/20
Bike calories
rest 1 min