WODs 3/18/19-3/23/19

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8 Bench Press

15 min AMRAP
Calorie Row 2,4,6,8,10…
Rope climbs 1
single arm DB PP 50/35 6/6

Bench press and pushup variations serve as our horizontal press.  This is important when balancing out the shoulder.  Today has pressing and pulling from almost all angles.  come in and get the pump on!


“Short and Sweet”
5 Power clean and Jerks 155/105
10 Toes to bar
50 Dbl unders



OHS 5×2 32×1

FR lunge 115/75
12-9-6 ring dip
50 du/rd

We take a break from squatting heavy this week to allow more recovery for 19.5  The goal of the tempo OHS is to build technique and stability.  The lunges tend to make people sore, because they force people to use their glutes.  Thats why they come up so much:)  The dip is the squat of the upper body.  Time to pull out the cobras!


400m run
15 2xKB DL 53/35
20 Abmat situps
50 SOL carry 50/35
400m run
15 DL 185/125
20 Abmat situps
50m SOL carry 50/35
400m run
15 2xKB DL 53/35
20 Abmat situps
400m run
15 Deadlift 225/155
20 Abmat situps
50m SOL carry 2×50/35

Don’t be fooled by the lighter loads.  This is all posterior chain.  The 2xKBDL are easier one the back and will get the glutes firing.  The glutes are an absolute for lumbar and pelvic stability.  Today’s wod will get the HR up, but won’t kill you for 19.5


Teams of 2

15 min AMRAP

100 DB snatch

90 Pushups

80 Cal row/bike

max rds in remaining time of

4 power snatch 135/95

8 box step ups 1DB 24/20

12 plyo jumps over bar