Wods 3/11/19-3/15/19

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3 Power clean EMOTMx8 min
DB thrusters 50/35
Burpee Box Jump overs 24/20
We will spend the first half of class working on improving our power clean technique.  If your proficient, go up to 75-80% as long as you are moving well.  If you’re newer, this is a chance to improve technique.  This is a shorter but potent wod.  Its meant to sting a little bit.  Attack the thrusters, steady pace on the burpee box jump overs.  Dig deep CFC!
25 min AMRAP
Run 200m
2 snatch
Start at 60% you may add 5-10lbs/rd
Wods like this really serve to reinforce technique.  If you wanna get heavy, you’ve got to make it past all of the lighter reps.  We want to accumulate as many quality reps as we can in the time frame.  If your newer, you don’t need to take this to failure, use it as a chance to move better.
Front squat find 2rm
“”Heart Break Kid””
10 Front squats 185/125
20 C2B pullups
50 Du
We are gonna see where we are at on front squats after the deadlift goblet squat mini-cycle.  This is one of my favorite wods!  Its about as CrossFit as it gets.  The goal is fast transitions.  Knock out a movement and don’t waste anytime getting to the next one.  This is one you wanna hit at 85% out of the gate and then adjust from there.
1k row
Box step ups 2×50/35 DB
Deadlift 225/155
1k Row cash out
Today’s wod will get the heart rate up, but won’t over do it with the number of reps.  This will allow us to practice some more challenging movements under a little bit of fatigue.  The step ups will fire up the glutes and make the deadlifts more challenging.  If you are really gunning for the open, consider resting today or hitting it at 60%.