WODS 10/28/19 – 11/2/19

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Monday October 28

Teams of 2
2 rds
70 Wallballs (20/14) Females 9′ Target
50/35 Calorie Row
30 Alternating DB Power Snatches (50/35)
20 C2B pullups
100/70Cal row Cash Out

I am putting in partner wods during the week since we are doing the open Saturday. That being said, I want you to try and get 35/35 on the wallballs. Go for that big set since you have rest. Lets bring the heat on this wod as the rest will allow for some recovery.


Tuesday October 29

EMOTMx9 min
3 Hang power cleans

“Blood Thirsty”AMRAP 12:
12/9 Calorie Assault Bike
12 Deadlifts (155/105)
9 Hang Power Cleans (155/105)
9 Strict HSPU

The hang is a great way to work on barbell cycling. Don’t go for weight, go for efficiency during the EMOTM. I want you to pick up the pace on the bike. You’ll get rest on the HSPU. If you don’t have them, we’ll scale w/ mats or DB presses. We will spend a few min working on you position at the beginning of class.


Wednesday October 30

Back squat wave
5-3-1 / 72-79-86%
5-3-1 / 79-86-92%

“Hot sauce”
DB Push Press 50/35
Ball slams 40/30
Dball carry 50m

This is the 3rd week of our wave. As always, moving well trumps weight. Scale the load on the metcon so you can go fast! I want this to be a sprint.


Thursday October 31

8 strict pullups
20 sec L sit

“Long Kiss Goodnight”
800m Run
20 KBS 70/53
12 True Pushups
600m run
20 KBS 70/53
12 True Pushups
400m run
20 KBS 70/53
12 True pushups
200m run

Scale the KB so you can go unbroken. The run is the game here. Challenge-try and run negative splits each round.:)


Friday November 1

DU skills

Barbell cycling skills-2 power snatch+2 OHS EMOTMx7

“Big Mac”
15 min AMRAP
10 Power snatch 95/65
35 DU
10 OHS 95/65
35 DU

Slow is smooth smooth is fast. Your goal for this wod is to simply keep moving. Set a pace you can maintain and just hang on. Power snatch should be light. 3+rounds unbroken if you wanted. However, some people will do better with 5/5 from the get go.


Saturday November 2