WODS 11/4/19 to 11/9/19

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Monday November 4

Back Squat Wave
6-4-2 / 70-80-85%
6-4-2 / 80-85-90%

6 strict Pull ups
12 DB stepups 24/20 50/35 x1
6 Toes to bar
12 DB Front squats 50/35 x2

The reps increase by 1 each set and the % drop just a little. % are a guideline. You should make each set with good form. The wod is all about endurance. I want the step-ups and squats unbroken!

Tuesday November 5

Teams of 2
“2 to Tango”

1200m run together
14 Power clean and Jerk 135/95
150 DU
800m run together
12 Power clean and Jerks 155/105
125 DU
400m run together
10 Power clean and Jerks 185/125
100 DU
200m run together
8 Power clean and Jerks 205/135
75 DU

1 works 1 rests. Use weights that are challenging but you can consistently move. Push the pace on the run, quick singles are fine on the lifts.


Wednesday November 6

Snatch PP+OHS+snatch balance 6 sets 40-70%


10 min AMRAP
12 OHS 95/65
10 Burpees
12 KB Swing 70/53

The snatch balance work really helped people 2 weeks ago. Thats gonna be here more. Attack the wod. The weights are light, and the reps are low. Send it!

Thursday November 7

“Sled Dog”
4 sets
5 min AMRAP

8 box jump overs
25m Suicide sprint
max cal row/bike/air/ski
Rest 3 min

Today we work on change of direction. I want you to plant and go on the suicides. Get to the rower with as much time on the clock as you can. This wod really trains aerobic capacity as you are having to perform repeated efforts.

Friday November 8

Close grip Bench Press 3×10

“Boulders for shoulders”
14 min AMRAP

6/6 DB clean and Jerk 50/35
100m run
24 Wallballs 20/14
100m run
2 Rope climbs

Upper body strength requires lots of patience. We’ll be training it forever. I want you to be able to get all 10 in a row every time. Focus on being consistent in the wod. Don’t start off too fast.

Saturday November 9