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The subject of cholesterol came up at work the other day.  One of the guys who eats a low-carb, paleo diet had his cholesterol taken.  The results caused bells and whistles going off with the doctors.  Of course these doctors advocate a low-fat diet and (incorrectly) assume that the lower the cholesterol, the less risk of a heart attack you have.  Cholesteral Myths does a good job of debunking the conventional wisdom out there.

A few of us have been messing around with Intermittent Fasting.  This article explains how to get started.  The gents at Modern Forager recently covered the subject as well.This series explains the entire process of IF and why it is effective for health and longevity.

I am not a fan at all of grains.  Since I gave them up (excluding the occasional beer or 4 of course), I have noticed a dramatic reduction in stomach irritation and allergies.The subject of whole grains and human evolution are discussed here. 

If you have read "Good Calories, Bad Calories" then you should be familiar with Ancel Keys.  In my opinion, if we wanted to put the blame on one person responsible for the incredibly disgusting health Americans are in currently, he would get my vote.  Jack Lalane on the other hand has spent his life pushing the envelope and trying to get Americans healthy.  Take a look for yourself and make your own educated opinion on who is more credible.


Finally, this link opens Pandora's Box regarding health and diet.