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    My eye always catches articles on health and nutrition whether on the news, web, or newspaper.  So much of the "healthy" advice given by the doctors and registered dieticians in these articles is total garbage.  Getting on my soapbox:  America is outraged at the deaths of the 4000+ volunteers who willingly and knowingly made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.  There is absolutely zero outrage about the hundreds of thousands who are sick, have cancer, or CVD all from following bad advice on nutrition from the so-called experts.  The Food Myths from Scott Kustes is the best summary to date that I have read which counters the crap out in the mainstream regarding nutrition.  Read these two articles.  Print them out.  Pass them around.  Give them to your soy-indulging, vegetarian friends.  At the very least: Learn.
Myths of Healthy Eating Part 1 and 2
This link gives you both parts 1 and 2.  Click on the link, then click on the embedded links on the site to download the pdf file. 

This next link uses modern dairy production as an example of the Unhealthy Dogma that has led us to the state we are in.

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