Weekend Links

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This first link takes about 1 hour to go through.  It is Gary Taubes giving a presentation to a group of doctors and students.  It is an excellent presentation. Why we gain weight.

This next set of links pertain to the BS that the mainstream attempts to force down our throats.
Multivitamins and deceptive claims.
 Snake oil comes in all kinds of bottles.
 Diet and Disease: Not what you think.
Reader's Digest Bologna

Here are a series of great explanations covering a variety of subjects on the PaNu website.  I recommend reading through all of them.  Cereals, Fats, Fish Oil, and Paleo-on-the-cheap.

This is an interesting article from Mark's Daily Apple discussing someone who on the outside should be regarded as ultra-healthy, however they developed Type II diabetes.  Former Marathoner Beating Diabetes.

This subject comes up from time to time.  Do you need that bit of carbs before working out?  Since I always workout fasted (usually14-15 hours in), my answer is a resounding NO.  Science may agree with me on that one.  Eating carbs does not delay the onset of fatigue during exercise.

These are a lot of great articles to plow through.  However, make sure an watch the Taubes video.  It is an outstanding explanation and well worth the time.