Weekend Links

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I have a bunch of stuff I want to get posted before rolling out of town for a few weeks. 

The first posts are Parts 3 and  4 of the Benefits of High-Saturated Fat Diets.

From Livin' La Vida Low Carb, here are dozens of links to various low-carb websites

I have talked about the movie "King Corn" previously.  It is a great compliment to 'Omnivore's Dilemma" and I highly recommend renting it.  Trailer for King Corn.

This one may piss you off a bit.  It is brief, but it shows what happens when people with agendas convince our brilliant politicians that something must be done.  The result of this hearing contributed greatly to the food pyramid, rampant obesity, type 2 diabetes and CVD out the rear-end.  The McGovern Report.

Baby steps.  The rest of the world is slowly but surely catching on to what you already know.  High carb foods can cause heart disease.

I love this website.  If you are a fan of real food and want to keep the government from spoiling it, check out this site.  Food Renegade.

Soy does not fall in the category of real food in my book.  Here is an explanation of why soy is not a health food.

Robb Wolf discusses post work out carb intake .  It brings up a good point about the Zone that I have discussed with members before.   I think the Zone is an excellent place for the average person to start with regards to nutrition.  It is lower in carbs than they are probably used to and it forces them to think about what they are putting in their bodies.  However, after a short period of time with it, I think it is still way to high in carbs.  I've been really trying hard to document CF performance and how diet is helping or hindering it.  For me personally, when my carbs are in the 50-60 gm a day, my performance in the WOD and strength in the major lifts is at its peak.  Keep track of it and see where you perform the best.  For me, I'm 39 so longevity has passed up performing in something like the CF games as my priority.  That to me means sticking to a strict Primal diet and keeping my carb intake to bare-bones minimum.

Finally, the latest from PaNu