Paleo For Dummies

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It gets old trying to explain to different people what I eat and why I eat that way.  I get sick of the, "Well, you gotta eat whole grains to be healthy.  Where else can you get your fiber and B vitamins?"  It is annoying as hell.  Fortunately, at Pay Now Live Later, they have come up with a video that explains it all to at least the 9 year-old level (my son got a kick out of it).
Check the video our for yourself.

This next link is a compilation of Robb Wolf's answers to a multitude of questions.  This is worth spending the time to go through:  It will no doubt provide an answer to something you have been pondering.
Robb Wolf Compilation

We talk a lot about what humans ate pre-agriculture.  We sometimes forget that it wasn't just lean meats, nuts, vegetables etc…but rather intestine, stomach, liver, heart, eyeballs, balls, etc…Here are two great articles on hunter-gatherer diets.
Grease and Guts.
Caveman Cuisine

If you read the previous two articles, you'll no doubt be interested in pemmican.  Here are some articles on it.
The Nature and Early History of Pemmican
Pemmican in Transition

After reading that, you know you want to get yer hands on some or make it yourself.  It is most assuredly an acquired taste.  Here is a grass-fed meat place that has it.
Pemmican for Purchase.