WODs for the Week 10/9-13

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A few important reminders!!!

Wedensday 10/11 is the Taste of Coronado.  Tickets are $45 and on sale at Be Polished.  Tickets day of will be $50.  You can easily split a ticket between 2 people and just share the food.  It’s always fun!  We will meet at Il Forniao about 5pm to get things kicked off!  Details can be found HERE.

Saturday 10/28 we will be doing a half day completion at Outlier with all you can eat tacos after.  Competition plus tacos is $20.  If you want to just come hang out and have tacos that’s $12.  This is a team competition.  There are 3 events – a snatch ladder, 2k row, and team “Frelen”.  Find a partner and sign up.  Let us know your team name!  You can register for the competition HERE or buy your spot for tacos HERE.


Monday 9 October

Dounle Under skills
Banded warm up
DL review
15 min to work up to a heavy but not maximal set of 3 dead stop deadlifts

10 Deadlift 225/155
20 Double Unders
8 DL
40 DU
6 DL
60 DU
4 DL
80 DU
2 DL
100 DU

Post WOD:
roll calves, pigeon stretch

Work up to 80% on the deadlifts. Drop down in weight for the wod. It should be unbroken everytime. The coach can scale the double unders if needed, but this should be a sprint. Focus on keeping the bar close and utizing good form on the way down to facilitate a proper setup.

Tuesday 10 October

:15 x 4 min squat hold 15lb plate
Front squat 5×3 @ 3 second descent, 2 second pause, 1 second ascent 75-80%

“Satan’s Whiskers”
3 Rounds
10 Chest 2 bar pullups
10 front squats 165/115
10 burpees

Roll quads

The tempo squats help teach control as well as strengthen the weak points in the lift. This movement will help fix the issue of bottoming out and losing your lumbar curve. This forces you to stay engaged and develop the posterior chain. The wod is classic CrossFit with 3 movements that each skyrocket the heart rate. Aim for unbroken on the squats and burpees and scale the pullups as needed.

Wednesday 11 October

Gymnastics skill work
barbell bear complex
Pause power clean(mid thigh)+power clean EMOTMx6

Open wod 14.4 partner style
18 min AMRAP
60 cal row
50 TTB
40 WB
30 power cleans 135/95
20 Muscle ups
1 works, 1 rests

This is a partner workout to make the reps more manageable for most people. The key to partner wods is not waiting to switch when you are at failure, but do so instead when you slow down. You will keep a faster pace and get a better score as well as maintain better form!

Thursday 12 October

3 sets
BSS 8/8
GHD situps 15

7 min AMRAP
40 Mountain Climbers
20 KBS 70/53
6 HSPU strict
2 rope climb

3 min rest

7 min AMRAP
40 Mountain Climbers
10 KBS 70/53
3 strict HSPU
1 rope climb

Today’s strength focuses on training the posterior chain as well as the core. Push your self on the split squats! These even out the lower extremity, help stabilize the pelvis and low back, as well as make everyone’s butts look good! The wod is setup to keep intensity high. The reps are lower to facilitate transitions and thus a higher heart rate. Scale the HSPU where you can do at least 2 rounds unbroken.

Friday 13 October

Back squat 15 min to work up to a heavy but not maximal 2

20 back squat 225/155
Fun Run (gym to the Marriott and back) or 3k Row
20 back squat 225/155

The strength is meant to fire up the CNS. The heavy load low reps forces more motor units to be recruited which will make the wod weight feel lighter. You’ll have to dig deep on this one. A lot of ya’ll will find that you do the 2nd set of squats faster than the first. Earn it!