WODs 9/18/17-9/22/17

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C&J skills

Hang clean+clean+Push jerk E2Mx16

“Raising the Bar”
9 min AMRAP
8 Burpees over the bar
7 squat cleans 135/95
6 Front rack lunges
5 PJ

Post Roll lats

The strength is designed to hone in posiiton for the clean. Focus on keeping the bar tight and pulling under fast! Lets keep the jerk a push jerk as thats what we will do in the wod. Make sure the weight is scaled in the medium category. Remember, intensity is a factor of FxD/T. That means weight and speed matter. It needs to heavy enough to get your heart rate up but not so heavy you need to stop. The We are going to hit single limb every week as thats the minimum needed to help balance everyone out. The reps are low enough to facilitate unbroken reps and quick transitions.


TTB skills

Power snatch 3 EMOTMx3 rest 1 min 70%
2 EMOTMx3 80-85%
rest 1 min
1 EMOTMx7-find 1rm

“Sweet 16”
12 min AMRAP
16 power snatch 75/55
16 TTB
16 KBS 70/53
16 Box Jump overs 24/20

Roll calves/low back

Its time to see where everyone is at on power snatch. During the EMOTM, don’t touch and go, get into a good setup. Work up to 70% for the 3’s, 80-85 on the 2’s, and then try and PR for the singles. The wod is a burner. The weight should be unbroken as well as the KBS. Break the TTB into 2 sets if needed or talk with the coach on scaling the reps. The goal is to move constantly for 12 minutes.


C2B skills
Power clean+3front squat every 1:30X6-work up to heaviest weight

“Buns and Guns”
400m run
10 Front squats 135/95
10 C2B pullups
10 ring dips
400m run
8 Front squats 155/105
8 C2B
8 ring dips
400m run
6 Front squats 185/125
6 C2B
6 Ring dips
400m Run
4 Front squats 205/135
4 C2B pullups
4 Ring dips
400m run
2 Front squats 225/155
2 C2B pullups
2 Ring dips

couch stretch

This is a ladder wod designed to force you to move weight when tired. Make sure you breath between every rep on the squats. It will help you later down the line. Pick weights that are challenging but do able in unbroken sets. This wod will hit all 3 energy systems in some capacity. The dips can be scaled with a straight bar or as ring pushups if needed.


Rope climb skills
HSPU skills

3 sets of:
6 Deadlifts 70-75%
8/8 Bulgarian split squats

“Shake and Bake”

15 min AMRAP
40 DU
1 rope climb
3 Strict HSPU
50m sled push
50m Farmers 1×70/53

middle splits

Deadlifts are supersetted with bulgarian split squats to get some extra volume on the glutes in single limb stance. We tend to become quad dominant and the glutes are neglected…Not at Outlier:) The wod will get the HR up but shouldn’t cause a ton of soreness or inhibit recovery from the lifting. The farmers carry are single limb in order to strengthen the obliques unilaterally. Make sure at the end you stick around for the post wod mobility. It will keep you feeling good and making progress.


Ring holds/ kipping swings

4 sets
OHS 4×3 70% 3 sec pause
8 Strict pullups

“Varsity Blues”
500m row/.6 bike
12 OHS 95/65
12 ball slams 40/30
4 Muscle ups

Roll upper back

Overhead squats are great for building shoulder stability and pauses make them even more effective. The pauses will improve the bottom position and should make the weight in the wod much easier. The Muscle ups can be scale from the floor, jumping, or as dips since we have already done strict pullups.