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Prior to 4 min:
10 thrusters 75/55
20 dbl unders
Prior to 8 min
8 Thrusters 95/65
25 DU
Prior to 12 min
6 Thrusters 115/75
30 DU
prior to 16 min
4 Thrusters 135
35 DU
prior to 20 min
2 Thrusters 155/105
40 DU

This is everyday Warrior Wod 2.  We are doing these workouts to support our very own Mike Marriot.  You can move onto the next round before the time cap if you make it.  If you don’t, write down your score, and then finish the rest of the wod.


3 sets
Good mornings 8
BSS 8/8

“Interval Helen on the rower or the bike”
1 rd every 5 minx4
500m row/.6 bike
21 AKBS 53/35
12 pullups

Today is all posterior chain.  The good mornings and bulgarian split squats strengthen under-developed muscles as well as the core.  For the wod, go all out each round.  I want you to make the timeline and get around 1 min rest.


8 Bent over rows 2ct hold
15 V-ups

3 min work 1 min rest
100m run
4 Man Makers 45/25
max burpees over the DB
4 sets

We are going to work on bent over rows to build the upper back and posterior shoulder. These movements have a ton of value in injury prevention. Bring on the run and the man makers. The goal is to get to the burpees with time on the clock. This type of wod keeps the intensity high without overloading the reps.


Row technique
TTB skills

4 sets in 18 min
Deadlift 5 75%
Ghd situps 15

CrossFit Team series WOD 4

For time:
100-cal. row, switch as needed
100 toes-to-bars, total

This is the final week of the team series.  Grab a partner and pace this as needed.  We will spend time working on TTB at the beginning.   Don’t switch at failure, switch when you are about to slow down.


KB windmills+OHS
practice round

“The Weekend”
40 OH Plate lunges 45/25
30 Box jump overs 24/20
20 DB hang power snatch 45/25
10 Ring Dips
800 Run
10 Ring Dips
20 TTB
30 Box Jump overs 24/20
40 OH plate lunges 45/25
25 cal all out bike

Nothing like a good ole chipper to end the week. More single leg but this time with an overhead component so that we build shoulder stability. I’d like the rest of the movements to be done in no more than 2 sets, 1 if possible. We are going to do a mini practice session of the wod to work on transitions. Feel out which movements will be the hardest and pace appropriately.