WODs 8/6-8/11

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Monday 6 August
2 Snatch EMOTM x 8

3 Full Snatches 135/95
50 DU’s
250 Meter Row

We are entering a deload week to give our legs a break from the squats.  Today is low reps of the snatch to allow us to really focus on form.  If your bottom position needs work, hold it down there during the emotm.

Tuesday 7 August

5 Rounds For Time
400 Meter Run
4 Strict HSPU
10 DB Front Rack Lunge 50/35
20 Abmat Sit Ups

We are going to spend some time opening up everyone’s shoulders as well as working on getting everyone upside down.  On the HSPU, scale it so you can get atleast 4 in a row for 2 rounds.  The reps are low so that you can get them in without slowing down a ton.

Wednesday 8 August
10 sets Barbell Complex (Deadlift + Power Clean + Front Squat + Push Press) with empty bar

5 Min Work/3 Min Rest
9 Rounds of 1 Deadlift + 1 Power Clean + 1 Front Squat +1 Push Press 135/85
Max Cal Row/Bike

7 Rounds of 1 Deadlift + 1 Power Clean + 1 Front Squat +1 Push Press 155/105
Max Cal Row/Bike

5 Rounds of 1 Deadlift + 1 Power Clean + 1 Front Squat +1 Push Press 185/125
Max Cal Row/Bike

Focus on the movement, especially in the warm up.  As you progress through the workout the weights will get heavier but the reps will decrease.  Focus on breathing in between each movement and then go all out on your row/bike.  Scale the weight to where you only have to break up the first round once or not at all.

Thursday 9 August
Skill work on Toes To Bar
Barbell cycling

Partner Chipper
Big Lap
100 Double Unders
75 Power Clean & Jerk 115/75
50 Barbell Facing Burpees
25 Toes to Bar
Big Lap

Cycling the bar is a skill, independent of strength.  We will spend time working on how to efficiently connect reps for PC&J.  One person works, 1 rests, so push the pace!

Friday 10 August
Tempo Front Squats (3,2,1) @70% 5 x 5 sets

Thrusters 95/65

70% is light, but not for this tempo.  This is a great way to build strength without adding a ton of load.  Increasing the time under tension will build strength in the bottom position as well as keep us engaged in the core and posterior chain for the duration of the lift.  For Fran, this is a SPRINT.  That being said, scale the weight/pullups so you can do each round in with minimal breaks.

Saturday 11 August
Review: Bar Muscle Ups

4 Rounds for Time
2 Bar Muscle Ups
10 Slam Balls 40/30
20 KB DL 75/53
30 Cal Row/Bike
Shuttle Sprint 25m