Wods 7/31/17-8/4/17

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Monday July 31

30/20/30 with bands

Hang snatch find heavy 2 in 20 min

10 min AMRAP
1/1, 2/2, 3/3, 4/4, 5/5
Hang power snatch 95/65
Burpee Box jump over 24/20

Roll mid/upper back

We’ve been hitting OHS/snatch hard so time to see where all of you are at. I like the hang position because it is less technical and does a great job teaching the pull under. This wod is meant to be high HR. That being said, use a weight you can do 5-6 times in a row without letting go. For shorter wods like this, if you stop, it should be because you are out of breath, not due to the weight.

Tuesday August 1

Banded warmup then banded wall walks

3PC+3FS+3J 1rd every 1:30 x 6

“Skinny Macho man”
5 min AMRAP
3 power clean 3 Front squats 3 PJ 155/105
rest 3 min x3

Roll low back and quads!

This is all power and technique. The beginning is purely to dial in form and work on cycling the bar. Use this time to practice keeping the bar close, sitting back in the squat, and stringing together jerks without being pulled forward. For the wod, you should have a weight that you could do at least one complete round without letting go of the bar. We want a nice steady pace for 5 min. Try and match your score on rounds 2 and 3.

Wednesday August 2

4 sets use wt
windmill 5
single arm OHS 5

“Michael on the water or Bike:)”
1k row/1.2 bike
50 situps
50 back ext

We are going to spend the first portion of class working on shoulder stability. There are a lot of overhead movements in CrossFit and we have to make sure we spend time strengthening the scapula and rotator cuff muscles so that we can maintain proper position overhead. This WOD is all about endurance. We are pushing out into the longer time domains in order to build aerobic base. The more well developed aerobic system, the greater the body’s ability to recover from stress. This is due to a more efficient ability to pump blood and nutrients to the tissues. For the sit ups and back ext, we can absolutely scale the reps. Those movements are there to strengthen the midline, which will aid in protecting the low back, and make you all look awesome in a bathing suit:)

Thursday, August 3

KB warmup Burgener

2 Deadlifts EMOTMx8 wk up to 80% all dead stop

3 min AMRAP
25m Suicide buy in
10 Front rack DB lunges 45/25
25 DU
6 Strict Ring dips
rest 1 min
4 sets slowest time is score

Roll glutes and low back

Don’t push it beyond 80% today on the deadlifts. You’ll get your chance in a couple weeks. Trust the process. The suicide is a buy in only. Run hard. Change of direction is something we don’t do enough of but that happens in just about every sport any of us play. Each round should be an all out effort. Try and beat your scores.

Friday, August 5

3x 10 wall squats, spiderman, bar hang

Back squats 6-4-3-2
80%, 85%, 90%, 95%

1: Row/Bike 15/12 Cal
2: 15 ball slams 40/30
3: 15 wall balls 20/14

Pigeon stretch then roll low back

Almost done with our squat cycle. This is here to help us with our Big Clean benchmark. If you haven’t been consistent, take 5% off each round. The goal is to make it every time. EMOTM in this fashion tends to lend it self well to a 1:1 work rest ratio or thereabouts. These are some of the most potent wods regarding cardiovascular development. Due to the way its structured, it shouldn’t cause much soreness. I absolutely love EMOTM intervals because they develop mental toughness. It will hurt around round 5. But by round 10, you know you’ve got it!

Don’t forget CrossFit games are this weekend!