WODs 7/17/17-7-7/21/17

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15 min AMRAP

“”Big 12″”

12 cal bike
12 hang squat cleans 155/105
12 PJ
12 Toes to bar
12 Man makers 45/25
12 cal row
12 Box jump overs
rest 2 min
800m run

Chippers are all about moving well. Set a pace you can maintain for this wod. Suggest working on front rack mobility if that is something you struggle with. Scale the barbell weights so that you are able to keep moving. You should be able to do the cleans and PJ in 2-3 quick sets max. Keeping going for as many rounds as you can. The 800m is there to put the icing on the cake. Some times we need to come in and lift heavy, sometimes we need to come in and get the HR up.


Deadlift 5rm
25 wall balls
25 abmat situps
35 DU

We have been doing a lot of deadlifting so its time to see where we are are. I personally prefer 5RMs, because I feel they carry over a bit more to work capacity. Mid August, we are going to test the CrossFit Total. We will retest it at Christmas time. This wod is intended to be a short amount of conditioning without causing any undue stress on the joints or CNS. The reps for the PP should be unbroken every round.


2 ps+2 OHS EMOTMx9

17 min AMRAP
Row 15 cal
10 ring pushgups
12 Jumping lunges
8 OHS 115/75

We are going to keep after single limb movements because they balance us out. Windmills and single limb OHS promote scapular stability which will carry over during other activities. The EMOTM is meant to warm up the shoulders for the WOD. Don’t go crazy on the weight. Make it look pretty. The WOD is a bit longer and is meant to have a bunch of transitions. Transitions spike the HR. For more info on why that is check out my article “Why CrossFit is so Hard”. Its one of the first ones I every wrote after I took over Outlier. We want the movements here to be unbroken. Otherwise, it will take away from the intended stimulus.


5 Press+5 Push pressx3 sets

25 min cap
15/12 cal row/bike
25m farmers carry

We are always working on overhead strength/stability. Being able to correctly lift weight overhead is key to success in CrossFit wods and in keeping healthy shoulder throughout life. The press will fatigue your arms and force you to focus on a powerful leg drive during the push press. The wod is another endurance race. Its all about setting a solid pace on the bike/row. This will build your aerobic base without overly taxing your joints due to the fact that there is minimal eccentric load. The farmers carries actively stretch out the biceps and the upper traps. This will go a long way to improving overhead mechanics and you will see more of these


Back squat 3×8 75%
SS 8 strict pullups

Rope skills
10-1 DB thrusters 45/25
1 rope climb each round

Last week, we did 10’s for squats, this week its 8’s with a higher percentage. We are prepping for the CFT in August as well as the Big Clean Complex at the end of this current cycle. The wod is a sprint. Scale the thrusters so they are unbroken and you can immediately transition into the rope climbs. This WOD will feel like a max effort 800m sprint as long as it is scaled correctly. Being able to quickly transition is what will ensure the proper stimulus