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5 Deadlift every 1:30×5 work up to 1rd at 80% all deadstop
rope climb skills

12 DB Front rack lunges 45/25
2 rope climbs
200m run

Increasing the reps this week on the Deadlifts. Don’t go beyond 80%. All must be deadstop. The lunges are there to strength the core and the glutes. The run is to allow the HR to come down but not completely. I want the lunges unbroken. This will cause the HR to spike a little more each rou


snatch work to heavy 3 in 20 min

4 min AMRAP rest 1 minx3
8 snatch 70% of above
50 dbl unders
max cal bike or row

Use the strength to work on form. Get heavy, but make it look pretty. The weight for the wod should heavy enough to drop from the top, but not so heavy that you miss. Go all out on the row/bike. This is meant to be a sprint. Yesterday was more aerobic. You should feel like you just ran a max effort 400m each time you get off the bike or rower.


Back squat 3×10 70%
SS 10 strict pullups
TTB skills

“””Optimus Prime””
10 goblet squats 53/35
5L/5R KB snatch
10 toe to bar
$$$-800m run

We are supersetting pullups with the squats because strict pullups are one of the best ways to strengthen the upper back and you all NEED them:) Scale the KB complex so that you keep a fast pace. This should feel like FRAN. The run is meant to be the icing on the cake. One of the best ways to build both the glycolytic an aerobic systems is to tax the aerobic system once the glycolytic has been maxed out. Thats the idea today.


3 sets
10 DB shoulder press
10 V-ups
15 back ext

15L/15R Russian twists
20 KBS 70/53
Plyo jump over KB
50m Front rack carry 70/53
100m sprint

I love v-ups. They have a ton of carry over to gymnastics moves as well as improve stability for lifting. Back extensions will help strengthen the posterior chain. The whole day today is core. Russian twists training rotation, and the front rack improve anterior stability. Go hard on the 100m sprint. The jumps and sprint will spike the heck out of the HR. You won’t be able to recover on the front rack carry. This wod is a sprint. Go get it!


Clean+Front squat+Jerk- 5 sets to get to a heavy set

“””Big Boss “”

25 min AMRAP
2 squat cleans 135/95
2 front squats
2 Jerks
400m run
Add as much or as little each round, score is max wt and max rds

Its hard to get more bang for your buck than a barbell complex. This hits all the parts of a clean and jerk. Don’t go to a max on the strength. Use it to warmup the movement and get up to about 85% of what you think you can do. Then, drop back down for the wod and build it up. This will allow you to move the barbell a lot faster and will really help dial in your technique. If needed, start lighter so you can add the whole time.