WODS 2/3/20 to 2/7/20

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Monday February 3

Back squat 3×10 70%or more than last time
“Field of Dreams”
20/15 row/Bike
15 KBS 70/53
20/15 Row/Bike
10 Strict pullups
We are at end of our 2nd wave of front squats.  Today we mix in some high rep back squats to keep the momentum going.  We have 1 more 3 week stint then max, woot, woot!  On today’s wod, get it on the Row/bike.  You need to come out at 85% and try and hold on.  Don’t over pace it!  Its ok if you break up the pullups.  They are supposed to slow you down.
Tuesday February 4

15 min AMRAP
“Prince of Thieves”
8 Push Press 115/75
8 Dball clean
15/10 Pushups
50m Dball carry
Today we mix upper body pushing with lower body odd objects.  Set a pace you can maintain today.  Usually, starting a little slower and then speeding up at about min, if you feel good, 5 is the way to go.  Break up the pushups with short sets/rests from the beginning if they are gonna be an issue.  Steady pace wins the race.
Wednesday February 5
Power clean
3 EMOTMx3 rest 1 min
2 EMOTMx3 rest 1 min
10 min to find heavy single
7 min AMRAP
7 power cleans 135/95
25 DBl unders
We are gonna find our 1rm power clean today.  The EMOTM is merely a warmup.  Then we go heavy, but we want good movement.  The wod is 21.1 becuase it should feel like an open wod.  Very high HR.  You’ll have to come out hot and try and hang on!
Thursday February 6

“The Untouchables”

Wall ball
Muscle ups
We will spend the first part of class dialing in MU.  We will scale them as needed.  You just gotta grind through the rest of this.  Set a pace you can maintain and then try and speed up when you get to the round of 30.
Friday February 7
“The Postman”
800m run
8 Deadlifts 335/215
This is a mix of aerobic work with heavy lifting.  Use a weight that you can do with good form.  Doesn’t need to be unbroken, but you should be consistent.  We’ll spend a few min finding out what weigth to use.