Wods 1/14/19-1/18/19

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8 rds
3 Power cleans+3 Front squats+3 Jerks 155/105
30 DU

The goal of this complex is high power mixed with some aerobic fatigue.  Don’t start off too fast, focus on being consistent.  Technique and pacing are the keys to this workout.


3 sets
10 strict pullups
10 wall squats
7 kang squats

HSPU skill work
-scaled w/ abmats
4 min to
400m run
20 KBS
max rep strict HSPU-scale w/ abmats or seated DB press
rest 2 min

Most of us are limited by strength regarding HSPU.  Wods like this are how we fix that.  Ideally I want you to have 1 min to get as many as you can.  If that’s not the case, modify the distance accordingly.  Run hard!


Back squat 10-8-6-4-2 65-85%

Front rack lunges 12-10-8-6-4 155/105
2 rope climbs
50 single arm front rack carry 70/53

Climbing sets like this address strength endurance as well as improve the bodies ability to recruit more muscles at one time.  The wod is all about core strength.  There is a lot of unilateral movement here.  This is less taxing on the lower back and helps fix imbalances.


1: Row 18/12 cal
2: 25 Abmat situps
3: Bike 16/10 cal
4: 3 OHS 75% snatch

This wod is all about doing OHS with a very high heart rate.  Can you regulate your breathing and pull off a higher skill movment?


Muscle ups!

AMRAP in 14 minutes:
7 Muscle-Ups
50 Wall Balls 20/14 lb
100 Double- Unders

We won’t get muscle ups if they aren’t programmed:)  There will be more wods like this so that we get exposure to these types of movement.  We will spend the first part of class dialing in muscle ups or coming up with relevant scaling options.