What’s Next?

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Whats Next… 

There were some serious PR’s in 2016.  Our previous training cycle began at the end of the summer and ended early December with the CrossFit Total.  Over 80% of the members at both gyms PR’d at least one lift.  Most at least 2.  When someone first starts CrossFit, they see gains really fast the first year.  After that, they have to work much harder to get better.  This pattern continues for as long as someone trains. 

It’s fun for me to look back at the programming over years past and see how it has evolved.  Many years ago, the programming was done week by week, and it then evolved into training blocks meant to focus on specific skills throughout the year.  Now, we have refined the process to be able to focus on specific things, but without losing capacity in other areas, allowing us to always make forward progress with out fitness.   Now, I make it months in advance, and review it week by week. 

This next cycle we are currently in focuses on open style workouts, as well as an emphasis on overhead position.  Our test wod was


80 wallballs 20/14

60 Cal Row

40 wallballs 20/14

20 Cal row

This is a great benchmark for work capacity.  It is low skill, low weight, high mental toughness, high heart rate. We will retest this mid February.  We also tested our 2rm OHS with a pause.  Expect a lot of work on OHS with and without pauses. 

Don’t worry, there will be enough lifting mixed in to ensure no loss in strength.  Our lifting will focus more on sets of 8-10 with lower percentages to help with strength endurance as well as reinforce correct movement patterns.  One thing that worked really well last cycle was the supersetting accessory movements.  For example, we recently deadlifted with Bulgarian split squats in between sets.  The reason for this is simple.  First and foremost, a large focus of our program is to create structural balance.  People tend to gain strength quickly in their quads, we need to add in exercises such as good mornings, Bulgarian split squats, and lateral lunges to focus on the glutes and hamstrings.  Most of us also have one side stronger than the other.  This doesn’t stop at our legs or arms, it carries over into the trunk musculature as well.  We address this with unilateral movements.  The same goes for the upper body.  Windmills, TGU, DB work etc. 

We will be kicking off a nutrition challenge the end of January.  This is a great tool to get yourselves recharged and ready for the open!  The open starts February 23!  We will be doing the open workouts on Friday’s at CFC (and Saturday’s at Outlier if you can’t make a Friday).  You are encouraged to do the workouts every week and see how you do overall (even if you don’t register online)!