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This is a simple, yet great example of how we ended up with the current nutritional dogma. 

So much of the garbage put out ends up going back to the Seven Countries Study done by Ancel Keys.  His conclusions, and the subsequent fattening of America, has been a total disaster.  Stephan at Whole Health Source once again provides a clear, two-part explanation of the issue.
Diet-Heart Hypothesis Part One
Diet-Heart Hypothesis Part Two

That leads to Mark Sisson to answer the question is saturated fat healthy?  If you go through the archives at Whole Health Source, you will find more answers to that very question as well.

That leads to this article.  Guess what?  All that (un-natural) vegetable oil that Keys recommended as a replacement for (naturally occurring) saturated fat may come at a price. 
Healthy Fat (????) linked to bowel disease.

Finally, the latest from PaNu.  Kurt does a great job of breaking down Caloric Restriction and how it relates to health and longevity.