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     There is plenty of info out there, and on this site, about the benefits of low carb / paleo / primal eating.  But it can be difficult to get creative and budget-friendly meals.  It is easy to eat the same Trader Joe's Wild Caught Salmon or grass fed burger day in and day out, but incredibly boring.  Boredom leads to jamming a loaf of garlic bread down your gullet.  Lately I have been messing with different recipes and different cuts of meat.  A grass fed steak is easy to cook and tastes great.  It also costs a lot of money when compared to  some of the less desirable cuts of (grass fed) meats like briskets, tongue, heart, and liver. 
     I am no BBQ guru, so every attempt to make a BBQ brisket goes awry.  What is difficult to screw up however is a Corned Beef Brisket.  Beware:  It will not be nice and pink like the crap you get at the store.  That is because it is lacking saltpeter, or Potassium Nitrate;  "the critical oxidizing component of gun powder and food preservative".  It is unbelievable the amount of crap that potassium and sodium nitrate are in.  I'd venture to say those compounds are a driving force behind the "meat gives you cancer" line.  Anyhow, the corned beef comes out tasting incredible.  I recommend dicing it up with some onions and having it with eggs.
    The next cut I gave a try was grass fed beef tongue.  Without a doubt, taking that mug out of the packaging was a bit shocking.  It is one big ass cow's tongue.  Once you get past your Western/Urban hang up, it is easy to prepare.  Give this recipe a try.  Check it out:  After pulling the tongue out of the crock pot, take the membrane off the outside.  Once that is off, the tongue becomes indistinguishable from a roast in both taste and appearance.  With this recipe, I naturally skipped the tortillas and ate it out of the bowl. 
    I eat a ton of eggs.  Here is a user's guide for eggs.
    Another item that is cheap and easy to make is broth.  Grass fed marrow bones are inexpensive as are free range chicken wings and parts.  If you had any hang ups about doing it yourself, hopefully this post will encourage you to give it a whirl.
     Mark Sisson weighs in on food labeling (nonsense).
     I haven't seen Food, Inc yet but this review of it on Free the Animal has piqued my curiosity.   I'm sure if I watch it I will get pissed off, so I may have to take a rain check for now.
     Finally, here are the first two parts of a series at Fitness Spotlight .  They are attempting to answer the questions if a primal lifestyle is sustainable in this day and age,  and if it is possible to feed us all with grass fed meats.