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     I can't watch 20 minutes of TV without some jackass coming on telling me how this or that statin saved his carb-fueled life.  Low cholesterol ranks up there as one of the better swindles in history.  Some cholesterol posts:
Drugmakers settle claims over statin cover-up.
Cholesterol plays cancer-prevention role at the cellular level.
 Low Carb = Low Triglycerides
More from Whole Health Source Part 1
And Part 2

     This video is long, but totally worth watching; especially if you have kids.
Sugar, The Bitter Truth.

A bunch of stuff relating to high carb diets:
Diet, Carbs, Fat and Weight Loss.
The Magic of Taubes
This one just makes me shake my head in disgust.
The dangers of fructose.

     This past week, I got some blood work done on a whim.  I fasted for 17 hours, did a legit CF Football workout, then went and got the work done.  I was shocked when my blood glucose came back at 106:  pre-diabetic indicator.  WTF!  My total carb intake is minuscule:  A cup of berries, a glass or two of red wine, and whatever residual carbs are in almonds and walnuts.  Robb Wolf, coincidentally, put up a post that addressed this very issue.  Type 1 Diabetes and CrossFit.

     Finally, a long overdue post for Lori's cat.  Hard wired to the past.