Taking all training online for now

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First off, sorry for the delay in getting this info on the website.  It’s been a crazy ride the last week.  Things have been changing rapidly regarding COVID-19 and the steps we were and are taking to ensure the safety of and best experience for our members. We posted yesterday morning on social media that the gym was stopping in person classes as of last night.  It was a hard decision to make but one that we know is best for the safety of the community at large.  Kim works at the hospital and has been working extras shifts already to help out.  With kids out of school our technology time has been somewhat limited and today we are catching up 🙂

As of now, we are no longer hosting in person classes at the gym.  We are switching everything to online outlets.  Our main source for posting live workouts and engagement will be via Facebook. We recognize that many of you don’t have social media but we encourage you to jump on Facebook while the gym is closed to stay in the loop.  We will be posting to the main page: https://www.facebook.com/crossfitcoronado/ as well as to our private gym Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/cfcoronadomembers/.   We will also be posting these emails, any updates, and all at home programming on our website.
Workouts are now designed for home.  When there is an equipment component, there will also be a modification if you don’t have that equipment.  You can use stop watches or phone timers. I have an interval timer on my phone that lets you program tabatas, or whatever time intervals you want.  There are a lot of free or cheap options through the App stores. We will be doing a daily live stream of workouts for you.  Tomorrow (Wednesday 3/18) that live stream will happen at 09:00.  The exact schedule for the live streams beyond that is TBD but we will be posting that as well.  The daily workout live stream will be through the main CrossFit Coronado page.  We will then share that live stream to the CFC Crew page and ask that you call comment back with what you did and your times, etc. The live stream will be like a regular class in that the coach will run you through a warm up and explanation of the WOD.  Then they’ll do the WOD with you so you have a virtual workout buddy.  Bare with us on this as none of us are experts at live-streaming workouts (yet)!
We are checking out gym equipment!  If you haven’t already come in, let us know that you want to borrow something and we will arrange a time for you to come pick things up.  We still have a few rowers and bikes, as well as dumbbells, wall balls, kettle bells, slam balls, sand bags, jump ropes etc that you can borrow.  Depending on how long the gym remains virtual we will rotate equipment if needed.
Get your family involved.  Workouts will be fun.  Get your family to jump in with you.  We’ll be getting our kids involved and your kids are welcome to jump on board as well.
Committed club is on!  We are starting up a committed club for keeping up with home workouts.  The link below is to our mind body page that we use for memberships and tracking classes.  Your email should work for you to log in.  If you can’t get in let us know and we can reset your login and password on the back end.  Please don’t create a new membership.  That will make you a duplicate account and create confusion.  You are all already existing members!  Johanna will be tracking your workouts and you might get a friendly note of encouragement if you’re MIA 🙂 The link to log on for Mind Body is here:
Coach Shannon is going to be heading a nutrition and healthy lifestyle challenge.  More details will be posted in the Facebook group this week.  It’s centering around trying to eat 5 cups of fruits/vegetables a day, getting ample good clean protein and staying well hydrated! There is no buy in for the challenge and we hope everyone will jump on board.  While we all know alcohol isn’t the best for us, we are not requiring or suggesting that you eliminate your adult beverages. We just encourage you to get all your water in on any day that you plan to partake in a beverage.  If you are suddenly faced with your kids home all day, every day we know you may need some liquid incentives to be nice 🙂
Katie had some great ideas on how we can use the time at home in a positive way. She’ll be issuing some non-gym and non-food related challenges for everyone in the Facebook group.  We’ve toyed around with a few fun things to do and one idea is to have a clothing swap when we reopen.  You can all Marie Kondo your closets.  Anything that you no longer need or want you can bring in when we are back open and we’ll have a clothing exchange.  Anything left over we will donate somewhere.
From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to every single one of you for being so amazing and supportive of CrossFit Coronado and Clint and I during this time.  This situation is one that none of us have ever experienced nor ever expected to be faced with.  As a small business owner, it’s downright scary.  Your support and continuation of your memberships is such a blessing.  Thank you for keeping your memberships active.  As you know we are small family gym, and a large part of our revenue comes from tourists.  We will make it through this and our gym will be here when this is all over.  We are already looking forward to getting back in the gym with everyone and hosting a fun workout and BBQ.
As you all tackle at home workouts and the nutrition/lifestyle challenge please share with us how you’re doing!  The gym is a positive and wonderful place for so many people and we now want to support everyone virtually.  Please share with us on social media or tag us in posts on Instagram or Facebook.  The more positive energy we can create the better.  If you have any ideas of how we can better help you, things you want to see demos of, or mobility drills for please let us know!  We will be releasing a “Bullet Proof Your Core” program on Friday so standby!  Take this time to rest any injuries you may have and build a solid foundation.  When we get back in the gym it’s time PR :).
Thank you all.  You’re part of our gym family.  We wish you health and sanity in the weeks ahead! We will see you all back at CFC soon and online sooner!
Clint and Kim