Strength and Conditioning Program starts 11/12 for CHS football players

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CrossFit Coronado is starting an off-season program designed specifically for football players to increase strength, speed, and agility during the off-season.  What separates a good athlete/team from a great athlete/team, often times, is the unrelenting desire to succeed.  Athletes must ask themselves, how good do I want to be and what am I doing to make myself better?  The best high school teams practice year round to ensure that their athletes are stronger, faster, and better conditioned for their sport.  Better conditioned athletes are less prone to injury, perform better, and generally find they have a greater contribution to their team’s success as a whole.

At CrossFit Coronado, we will train athletes during the off-season to develop proper lifting and movement mechanics, functional strength, power, flexibility, agility, and endurance.   A proper off-season program is what makes championship teams, and gets kids scholarships.  Our goal is to give athletes the tools they need to be successful as a team.  Not only will physical performance improve, the team will grow more cohesive through hard work and success.    If you are serious about being the strongest, fastest, and best conditioned athlete you can be.  This is the place to be this off-season.

Important Details:

Winter Session II:  January 7 – February 16

All sessions will meet Mondays & Fridays 3-4 and Saturdays 11-12:30

Cost is $180/6 week session

To register, visit our online store through our website or at  Select the special events tab and then ‘sign up now’.  Please enter the participating athlete’s information.  There are two winter sessions (I & II).  These sessions will be different and athletes will benefit from attending both sessions.  A spot is not guaranteed until payment is received.  All athletes must have a liability waiver on file with us.  If you do not have a waiver from the football practice meeting, please email and we will email you a waiver.  Please have the athlete bring the waiver on the first day (or drop it off at the gym prior to the first day).

Please contact us with any questions.  619.319.5992 or