Monday 9/4/17-9/8/17

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“Snatch attack”

20 min AMRAP
15/12 cal bike/row
2 snatch start at 50% and go up 5-10lbs

This is a great way to see how far people have progressed on snatch. Be sure to start light. The light reps are there to allow you to dial in your technique. Its not uncommon to see some prs with this setup. The low reps and small jumps warmup the CNS and allow for better technique on the heavy sets. Go hard on the bike or row. Drop the weight from the top and get into a good setup.


Front squat 3×8 75%

CFC conditioning test
EMOTM until failure…
1st min 1 Thurster 95/65
2nd min 2 burpees
3rd min 3 thrusters
4th min 4 burpees etc.

A favorite of mine since ’08. The front squats will warmup the body well for this wod. It starts off pretty benign but gets spicy quick. It will test all the energy systems as you are getting less and less rest and having to move faster. This is a great way to see where you are at. We will retest it at Christmas time. Scale the weight so that you could do 12+ in a row if you were fresh


TTB skills

Push press 6 70%
SS 8 strict pullups

“Knuckle sandwich”
400m run-buy in
10-1 PP 115/75
400m run-cash out

We are going to continue to make time for gymnastic skills in our warmups. Not only does it improve flexibility, it develops coordination in the required movement patterns and allows practice before fatigue. The push press in the strength portion is simply to strengthen our overhead position and improve stability. The wod is set up to tax the aerobic system with the run, which will in turn make the glycolytic system have to work harder in the movements. Bouncing back and forth between systems has tremendous carryover to your 1mile-5k distances. The weight is meant to be done unbroken. Scale it accordingly.


Rope climb skills

“4 Minutes to win it”

20/15 cal bike row
15 wall balls
1 rope climb
5L/5R DB hang snatch 45/25
max Ball slams-goal is 100, this keeps going until you make it
rest 2 min

Roll glutes and low back

We are going to spend some time at the beginning dialing in rope climbs as well as rowing/biking. This wod is similar to the one at the games in that you pick up where you left off. There is incentive to bring it as you are done at 100.