Wods 8/28/17-9/1-17

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2 Hang Power snatch+2 OHS EMOTMx10

12 min AMRAP
4 Hang power snatch 115/75
8 bar facing burpees
12 Knees to elbows

Start at 50% on the snatches, and increase only as the weight looks pretty. We are going from the hang to work on pulling under the bar, and so that we don’t tax the lower back excessively. The next two days are pretty pulling intensive so today we are going to focus on moving the bar fast. I want the reps unbroken during the wod. The only thing that should be broken up is the KTE. If you need to break those up in more than 2 sets, scale the reps. AMRAP means we want fast transitions to spike the heart rate.


“Village People”
50/35 Calorie Row
AMRAP Macho Man (135/95)

rest 3:00

35/25 Calorie Row
AMRAP Macho Man (155/105)

rest 3:00

20/15 Calorie Row
AMRAP Macho Man (185/135)

“Macho Man” – 3 Power Cleans, 3 Front Squats, 3 Push Jerks

During the warmup, we will work up to the heaviest weight used for the complex as well as on rowing/biking technique. The focus needs to be on cycling the reps. The push jerk is the limiting factor, and each round should be scaled so that if you were fresh you could get 15-20 in a row, 12-15 in a row, and finally 10 in a row.


3 sets
Deadlift 5 70% deadstop

“Under water”
6 Deadlifts 225/155
50M Front rack carry 2×53/35
1 rope climb

The deadlifts are deadstop because that have more functional carryover to your 1rm. The split squats are there to hammer the posterior chain without adding more volume on the low back.

For the wod, scale the deadlift weight so they can be unbroken every round. 60% is a good start. The coaches will help scale the HSPU, but they should be done no more than 2 sets. Make sure to focus on taking deep breaths on the front rack carry!


3 sets
Front squat 6 80%
SS 8 strict pullups

“Double Dip”

15 min AMRAP
50 Dbl unders
200m run
15 DB hang squat cleans 45/25

Front squats don’t tax the low back as much as back squats and are better for training the core. Strict pullups are done during the rest to keep you moving and build upper body strength. For the wod, we need fast transitions. Goal is to use weights you can do unbroken for at least 2 rounds. After that, break it up no more than 2 sets/rds.


3 sets
Push press 8 65-70% pause 2ct at top
Back extensions 15

“Ice cream man”
Tabata-w 1 min rest b/w stations
goblet lunges 53/35
Plyo Jumps 24/20

The pauses on the Push press are to improve overhead stability. Holding yourself accountable to the 2 sec pause will improve your position and make you safer overhead. This workout is designed to target muscular endurance as well as work capacity. Tabata intervals have been proven to facilitate development of all energy systems. There are also a great way to improve bodyweight movements. They only work if you go all out.