WODs 8/21/17-8/25/17

Monday August 21

Sampson + spiderman + bar hang x3

Front squats 5-75% w/2 count pause
8L/8R Bulgarian Split Squats x3

12 min AMRAP
30 DU
5L/5R DB hang snatch 45/25
10 ball slams 40/30

Roll calves

We saw great success last year with this style of strength training. The pause squats + BSS are very effective at training the core and the posterior chain. Both of these areas are where folks are generally weak. The wod is intended to have fast transitions. I’d like to see 8-10 rounds. Scale it so you can move consistently the whole time.

Tuesday August 22

Banded warmup legs then pullup aparts

EMOTM for 6 Minutes of:
Clean and Jerk x 3

Revenge of the Sith aka Outlier CF Fitness Test

EMOTM till failure

1: 1 CJ 115/75
2: 2 Box Jump overs 24/20
3: 3 CJ 115/75
4: 4 Box jump overs

when you fail, cut numbers in half and go until the last person finishes

Roll calves/stretch lats

This is our conditioning benchmark that we will retest in December. It’s completely the opposite of the total. The weights are intended to be light. Scale it so you can get to 12 min. This not only tests your aerobic fitness, but also your ability to sprint as you get less time to perform the work towards the end.

Wednesday August 23


5 DB Press + 8 strict pull ups add weight x 4 sets

3 Rounds
400m run
15 KBS 70/53
12 DB PP 45/25

chest stretch

Upper body strength is much harder to develop relative to lower body strength. We need lots of work on strict pressing and pullups to see progress. These are some of the best exercises to strengthen the shoulder complex and develop strength overhead. The wod should take most people 9-15 min depending on the run. The KBS and PP should be unbroken. Scale the TTB so you can to it in no more than 2 sets. For pull up progressions, watch the video below to make sure you’re getting the most out of the modifications you’re using to get your pull ups!

Thursday August 24
Row/bike/ski game

3 sets
Deadlift 5 DL 70%
15 GHD situps

3 Rounds
4 min AMRAP rest 2 min
7 Burpee pull ups
7 Deadlifts 225/185
finish with max cal bike/row/ski

The Deadlift are all dead stop! This will provide more functional carryover to all your other lifts. GHD sit ups are there to improve core strength, make y’all better at toes to bar, keeping your back straight, and look good in a bathing suit. The wod is set up to provide some more deadlifts at a lighter weight but most of the volume will be on the rower/ski/bike. This is because they don’t have an eccentric load nor do they tax the joints. A more well developed aerobic system means an increased capacity to recover from stress.

Friday August 25
:15/:15 off squat hold w/ plate OH

10 Front squats with 2 KB
15 Back ext
8 Strict pullups add weight

15 min AMRAP
10 DB front rack lunges 45/25
Plank rot 1L/1R
Run w/v slam ball 200m

Roll quads/couch stretch

Today is all core. The KB FS and the back ext as well as the front rack lunges and plank rotations are going to hit all aspects of the core. This is set up like this because we must train all 3 planes of motion: sagital, frontal, and transverse. There is no such thing as too much single limb. My objective is to attempt to address muscle imbalances on a macro level with the programming as much as realistic. The strict pull ups are there because I know a lot of you all want to get a pull up. The only way to do this is to do more pull ups. Watch the video linked with Wednesday to refresh yourself on pull up modification progressions and how to get the most out of banded pull ups, negatives, or seated pull ups.

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Kimberly started doing CrossFit in 2010.  She quickly realized the awesome benefits of CrossFit and was eager to help Clint when they decided to take over as the owners.  She helps with our teen program and the behind the scenes work that needs to be done.  Kim works part time as an oncology nurse and is a full time to mom to their two little girls. Prior to that, she worked for the City of San Diego for over ten years teaching children of all ages and abilities how to swim and spent three years working as a substitute teacher for kids in grades K-12.  Kim took long-term sub positions teaching high school physical education and middle school science.  After seeing the lack of physical fitness with kids in the school systems, Kim wanted to help set up a teen program to give kids a positive physical outlet aside from school competitive sports.  After having kids and realizing how challenging it is to workout with little ones, she also created a program in the gym to offer childcare so that moms (and dads) can get their workouts in!  Email Kim


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Clint started as a customer with CrossFit Coronado in October 2008.  He became a trainer in August 2009, and the owner in August 2010.  He has been an athlete since he was young.  Starting with 7 years of gymnastics and martial arts, as well as high school football and track.  In college, he got into endurance running and swimming.  He was first introduced to CrossFit in the military.  A CrossFit athlete is one that is well rounded in all areas of fitness.   It was this, and the fact that there is absolutely no way to duplicate the results that CrossFit produces for the short amount of time the workouts require, that initially hooked Clint.  Clint has personally experienced improvement in every aspect of fitness, with much shorter workout times.  He competed in the SoCal Regionals in 2010 with a team and in 2011 and 2012 as an individual.  Clint thoroughly enjoys helping people reach their goals.  Clint recently completed a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the university of Saint Augustine and is excited to integrate PT into the gym. His goal is to help professionalize the fitness industry and bring educated and safe training to everyone.  Clint enjoys working with everyone, especially people who need more individualized attention or modifications.  If you’re interested in CrossFit Coronado or personal training, email Clint.


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